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Google Photos now lets you share entire picture libraries

29 June 2017 4

Google Photos has finally started rolling out features that it discussed at Google I/O. Google Photos will now let you share entire picture libraries with people that you want to. Google has applied Artificial Intelligence(AI) to come up with these features that will solve the problem we all have while trying to get photos from a certain someone because of the lack of a better option.

Features that involve the sharing functionality at a completely new level are:

Suggested Sharing: This feature uses machine learning to identify people in the photos and also the setting and based on that identification, suggests the people that would like the pictures to be shared with them. Your friends and family that are a part of the picture, will get reminders to share their photos on the libraries. It understands your sharing pattern and recommends people who would be interested in seeing those pictures.

Suggested Libraries: This feature lets you share your picture library with someone else. You can adjust the settings as to which pictures you want to share with them or the kind of photos you want to share with them, like pictures of your dog, for example. Google Photos then shares such pictures with your friends as you keep updating your library, allowing them to save some of the pictures if they want to. This is a great feature as it will eliminate the process of emailing or sending photos to your friends through other social media apps.

Even though Facebook has come up with a similar app, Google Photos has bonus features like the tool that removes unwanted objects from the photos. It is great to see that we will be able to share photos easily without having to worry about attaching and sending photos to your friends or reminding your friend to share pictures of a trip that you went for together.



Google Photos now lets you share entire picture libraries
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