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Lanota game goes free in celebration of its first anniversary

14 July 2017 2

Lonota is an amazing game by Noxy Games Inc., which combines rhythm action with a beautiful artistic narrative, as it describes the world that is slowly turning monochromatic through the loss of music and color, and how you must correct this by placing to a song at each level to slowly help the society’s existence.

This lovingly crafted and unique game is now first time free because of its anniversary celebration. The game has also received many awards last year and is for fans of rhythm games looking for something different than your usual derivative games.

The game is all about an alternate reality where the world is lost in a colorless silence, and it can only be rescued through the use of the Notalium, an object that comes from the era prior to the events that covered the world in silence.The mechanics of this game at the basic level are really intriguing. Lanota features a circular arena with much more variance on where and when you must touch the device. The gorgeous game requires an internet connection and is highly recommended to fans who are looking for something new and interesting.

Bars now materialize from the middle of the screen and advance towards the circumference of a circle that takes up the majority of the game area. When these notes reach the perimeter of this ring, you have to tap, slide or swipe the screen, all depending on the different type of input that the bar specifies.

Normal music games have limitation to tap at specific places, but Lanota is able to more accurately represent the song at hand with a 360-degree playing field. You now feel somewhat in control of the elegant piano slides or guitar solos, which is so refreshing than a static gameplay. The world map is in the game is also carefully considered, which gives a strong incentive to revisit certain songs and places to complete new challenges, receive more Notalium and continue on with the main story.

Noxy Games had decided that Lanota will be a content-filled premium purchase from the start, and have detailed that the base game consists of two main story chapters and 11 tracks, and an optional $3.99 in-app buy, which provides a side story and 5 extra songs, with more tunes and story additions.

Since now the game is free on platforms, Android and iOS, nothing should stop you in downloading this beauty.

Lanota game | Android | Google Play Store, Free

Lanota | iOS | App Store, Free



Lanota game goes free in celebration of its first anniversary
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