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Google’s ARCore gets its first app on Play Store with Atom Visualizer

07 September 2017 0

Last week, Google announced its ARCore software development kit (SDK) as an alternative to Apple’s ARKit and push the limits of the previously launched Tango platform. The technology was brought into play to focus on three main areas: Motion Tracking, Environmental Understanding, and Light Estimation in a move to bring augmented reality to the million Android devices that are out in the market.

While Google had promised that ARCore would be made to work on all the latest Android devices, only the latest Google Pixel, Pixel XL, and Samsung’s Galaxy S8 were seeded with the company’s ARCore service framework o Google Developers site. The same could also be side loaded through an APK which has already been made available for download. To gain a firsthand experience in augmented reality, there’s already an app that’s out on preview named as Atom Visualizer.

Made by the developers of the Signal Mapper app for Tango, Signal Garden, the new app allows users to visualize the structure of atoms in augmented reality. Atom Visualizer can be traditionally installed via the Play Store and lets users place floating replicas of atoms of any element from the periodic table on any surface. The app also allows users to view these same atomic structures through different angles by just moving around in addition to toggling it to have a detailed look inside the electron model.

Considering it’s a preview app, the location isn’t as precise as AR on a Tango device, but the rotation feature has good feedback on the app as you move. If you’re a user of Google’s Pixel, Pixel XL or Galaxy S8, you can download the app from the Play Store to try out the features firsthand.

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Google’s ARCore gets its first app on Play Store with Atom Visualizer
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