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Instagram videos will autoplay sound once enabled until the app is exited

18 September 2017 3

If you are a regular Instagram user, you must have noticed that the app keeps the video sound disabled by default. It is certainly a good thing as this prevents you from running into an awkward or embarrassing situation in front of others but it also means you have to enable audio for each video manually. This can get frustrating for many users and to tackle this situation, Instagram is rolling out a new way of handling video sounds.

With this new functionality, Instagram will continue to offer disabled audio for videos by default but when enabled once, the sound will remain enabled until you exit the app. In simple words, once you enable sound for any particular video, all other videos will also play sound until you either disable the sound manually or you close the app. When you will re-launch the app after the exit, the sound will again be disabled even if you ended your last session with sounds enabled.

This is actually quite smart on Instagram's behalf as if a user decides to enable sound for any particular video, it is safe to assume that he is in an environment where he is comfortable listening to the audio. And as the new functionality will keep the sound on for all videos unless you exit the app or disable the sound manually, it will save you from the trouble of enabling it for each video manually.

Instagram has said that this new feature is currently in rollout phase and should become available to all users worldwide in near future. So if you have not received it yet, keep your fingers crossed as it can arrive on your device anytime.



Instagram videos will autoplay sound once enabled until the app is exited
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Instead of disabling the sound by default and having users to enable it and then bring an update to tackle sounds with such a new update, why didn't Instagram have the sounds enabled in the first place?

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