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Google Pixel 2 takes the lead with a score of 98 in DxOMark

05 October 2017 4

It was only a matter of time till a new smartphone was launched which push DxOMark’s testing strategy to the extreme. We thought we had it with the iPhone 8 Plus or even with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, with both being awarded a DxOMark score of 94. However, it appears that the Google Pixel 2 has stolen the show and now sits at the very top of the DxOMark chart with an astonishing score of 98. This is quite a jump since its last flagship device, the Google Pixel which only managed a DxOMark score of 90.

DxOMark needs no introduction as it is held in the highest esteem for camera performance testing. The reports of the testing claim that Google’s 2017 flagship smartphone, the Pixel 2 has a wide dynamic range in all lighting conditions. To accompany this and make images look brilliant is the excellent autofocus and white balance in both well-lit and low lit conditions. The pictures taken with the smartphone reveal an outstanding amount of detail, courtesy of a new type of technology that Google is using.

Striking differences are seen in the lighting test where the Pixel 2 has been compared to the Pixel and Apple iPhone 8 Plus.

Google Pixel 2 (Left), iPhone 8 Plus (Middle), Google Pixel (Right)

The Pixel 2 continues to dominate even when it comes to details and textures.

Google Pixel 2 (Left), iPhone 8 Plus (Middle), Google Pixel (Right)

The only cons found were some flare flickering and details lost when zooming at long range. To add to this list, a few artifacts were also noticed when using the camera in portrait mode. However, these do seem to be problems which can be fixed at a software level with future updates.



Google Pixel 2 takes the lead with a score of 98 in DxOMark
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