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Google Pixel 2 vs OnePlus 5: How the powerhouses compete with each other?

12 October 2017 5

Google recently announced their latest smartphones as Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL on October 4th. The new Pixel smartphones are more expensive than the predecessor. Being one of the latest flagships the Pixel lineup smartphones will have to compete against top-tier smartphones available in the market.

We already compared the latest Pixel 2 XL against the competitors including Galaxy Note 8, LG V30, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. The latest phablet device from Google is capable enough to challenge the existing big players. The standard Pixel 2 not only have the smaller display but also it has traditional design as opposed to the bezel-less design of Pixel 2 XL. Last year Pixel lineup proved itself as one of the best Android-running smartphones. Well, the reason behind it is obvious, no one can know better about Android than Google that's why they brought a product with optimized software and hardware.

This year Pixel 2 brought a number of upgrades under the hood despite having somewhat similar designing like the predecessor. The OnePlus latest flagship killer OnePlus 5 is selling well in the market, the device receives well appreciation from tech experts and geeks. The best thing about OnePlus 5 is its solid unibody metal design and well built-quality which makes it a capable device to challenge the smartphones of its league.

For sure if someone is planning to grab the latest Pixel 2, they will consider OnePlus 5 as well as it is one of the best option available in the market. It would be an interesting battle to see how well latest Pixel 2 competes against OnePlus 5 in head to head competition.

69.7 x 145.7 x 7.8 mm
5 inches - 1920x1080 px
74.1 x 154 x 7.25 mm
5.5 inches - 1920x1080 px
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Both the devices are featuring uni-body metal design and look premium while holding in hand. There is the small portion of glass on the rear side of Pixel 2 which consists of the single camera sensor and LED flashlight. The glass portion makes it a stand out device amongst the crowded market. The Pixel 2 can be easily used single handily thanks to its compact body. On the other, the OnePlus 5 falls in a category of large display devices. The Pixel 2 is lighter and easily fits in user pocket.

The Google Pixel 2 is IP67 certified device which means it can resist under 1 meter of water for 30 minutes without any damage. You can take risk of using Pixel 2 during heavy rain but that's not the case with the OnePlus 5. The fingerprint scanner on the Pixel 2 is placed on the front facing side below the home button whereas the fingerprint scanner on the Pixel 2 is on the rear side in the center below the camera module. The Pixel 2 rear is adorned with single camera module whereas the OnePlus 5 has dual rear cameras on board.

The Pixel 2 lacks 3.5mm headphone jack but instead, Google includes a USB Type-C Dongle on board. However, Google compensated the headphone jack with two front-facing stereo speakers on board to make it a top-notch device for the audio experience. On the other hand, the OnePlus 5 still has the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack.


Both the devices are pretty much capable to be media-centric devices thanks to their AMOLED display panels on board. The AMOLED display on both the devices has Full HD screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The viewing angle and brightness level of both display panels are pretty awesome. The panels are lit enough to work properly in both daylight and low-light conditions.

As mentioned above the display panel of OnePlus is slightly larger as opposed to pixel 2. The Pixel 2 has 5.0-inches display whereas the OnePlus 5 has 5.5-inches display panel. The OnePlus 5 owners will have the edge of the slightly larger display but at the same time, its Pixel density will be comparatively low as compared to Pixel 2.


Both the flagships are running on the Android OS, however, the version and UI layer on both the devices is different from each other. The Pixel 2 has stock Android Oreo straight out of the box with revamped Pixel launcher. The OnePlus 5 is running on the Android Nougat 7.1.1 with the company's OxygenOS layer over it.

The new Android Oreo brings tons of new features which weren't available on Android Nougat. Android Oreo's new set of features include Picture-in-picture YouTube support, new notifications handler, better resource management and much more. The OnePlus 5 will also be getting the latest Android Oreo update but at the moment it is still in the dark when the latest Oreo update will be rolled out for OnePlus 5 owners.

The Oxygen OS custom layer also brings a number of extra perks over the stock OS including gesture support, one-handed operating and more customisation options. The Pixel 2 edges are pressure sensitive like the HTC's flagship U11. You can access Goole Assistant by simply squeezing the edges of the Pixel 2 body. This feature isn't available for OnePlus 5.

For those who are looking for a VR enabled device the Pixel 2 could become your choice as the device natively supports Google Daydream VR. It provides top-notch experience thanks to its support for Hi-Fi games. The OnePlus 5 supports only those VR apps which runs with the Google Cardboard VR headset. In VR department the Pixel 2 is significantly ahead of its competitor.


Being the latest premium flagships both the devices the Pixel 2 and OnePlus 5 have the latest Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 SoC on board. Both the devices are capable to handle everything you through at it. The devices can do multi-tasking and can handle hi-fi games without any lag. The users of both the devices won't have to worry about the sheer power of the device.

The OnePlus 5 is more future proof as its base variant has 6GB RAM wheres the top of the line variant has 8GB RAM. Although the Pixel 2 has only 4GB RAM it is enough to load Android apps quickly in a blink of a second. You can play hi-fi games for hours on both the devices and you won't feel any stammering from the devices. The base variant built-in storage for both the devices is 64GB whereas there is a top of the line 128GB variant as well. Unfortunately, the storage isn't expandable on any smartphone that's why we will recommend choosing storage variant wisely because it can't be further expanded later.

Specs Pixel 2 OnePlus 5
Display 5.0-inches 5.5-inches
Screen resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels 1920 x 1080 pixels
Chipset Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835
Storage 64/128GB Non-Expandable 64/128GB Non-Expandable
Rear camera 12MP 16MP+20MP
Front camera 8MP 16MP
Battery 2,700mAh 3,300mAh
3.5mm headphone jack No Yes
IP-Ratings IP67 No
OS Android Oreo Android Nougat 7.1.1

In last couple of years the OnePlus significantly improves their camera sensors and with each new iteration of the smartphone, they prove their strength. With the latest OnePlus 5, the company stepped up the game and put the device in the category of one of the best camera-centric device available in the market. The primary sensor on the rear side is 20MP whereas the secondary sensor is the 16MP module. The camera sensors work equally good in both low-light and daylight conditions. If you are Pro user, you can shoot RAW images as well. The results are impressive, clear and detailed in all conditions. The device can record 4K videos. It has digital image stabilization on board. Up front, the device has the pretty awesome 16MP lens to capture awesome selfies and video chats.

I am sure one thing in your mind will be whether the Pixel 2 is capable enough to compete against OnePlus 5 or not because last year Pixel lineup camera was placed on top by the DxOMark due to its capabilities to shoot awesomely in both low-light and daylight conditions. This year Google took the battle to next level with their Pixel 2's 12MP snapper. This year DxOMark awarded 98 scores to the Google Pixel 2 which makes it the king of smartphones with best camera sensor on board.

Thought the company didn't bring a new lens but they brought a new improved HDR+ mode, despite having single camera sensor it brings special Portrait mode which blurs the background focus solely on the subject. It is the first smartphone in the market which has portrait mode for both rear and front-facing cameras. It has optical and electronic image stabilization on board for smooth shooting even while moving. The Pixel 2 can also record 4K videos. Up front, the selfie camera on Pixel 2 is the 8MP module.

Release and Pricing

Despite having traditional design the Pixel 2 pricing is significantly higher which puts it in the league of premium smartphones available in the market. The device cost $649 in the US whereas in the UK the device will cost £629. On the other hand, the OnePlus is significantly cheaper despite having similar specs sheet and even in some cases, it is better than Pixel 2. The OnePlus 5 is available for $499 whereas the device UK price is £450. No doubt the OnePlus 5 is offering great value for customers money.

Both the devices easily survive a single day on heavy usage. Though the battery cell on OnePlus 5 is significantly larger at the same time it has the larger display which results into somewhat similar battery life on both the devices. The OnePlus 5 comes with Dash charge fast charging tech which quickly charges the device in no time. Google also claims the Pixel 2 fast charging tech is one of the fastest in the market which provides few hours of juice in just 15 min of charging. Both the devices don't support wireless charging.

The battery cell on Pixel 2 is 2,700mAh whereas the OnePlus 5 has 3,300mAh battery cell to keep its lights on.


In terms of sheer power both the devices are one of the best flagships in the market, the OnePlus 5 has added the advantage of more RAM on board. The design of Pixel 2 is slightly different because of the small portion of glass makes it a stand out aspect amongst the crowded smartphones with unibody metal design. Both the devices look premium but at the same time, they look dated in front of latest bezel-less premium flagships in the market. The display tech and resolution are same but the devices have different display panel sizes. The camera sensors on both the devices are pretty awesome but certainly, it isn't an easy task to compete against Pixel 2 in the camera department. The Pixel 2 is also significantly expensive than OnePlus 5, it could also play an important role in grabbing new flagship device.

At the end, we would like to hear our readers thoughts in the comments section below regarding the latest Pixel 2 vs OnePlus 5. Which smartphone would you like to purchase and why? Stay tuned, we will be bringing more comparisons in coming days.

  • The Google Pixel 2 isn't still available online. To be notified when it becomse available click here.
  • The OnePlus 5 isn't still available online. To be notified when it becomse available click here.



Google Pixel 2 vs OnePlus 5: How the powerhouses compete with each other?
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