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Apple iPhone X Preview: iPhone's 10th anniversary made a great milestone

10 November 2017 5

At the announcement event, Apple claimed their 10th-anniversary special edition iPhone X is the biggest leap forward for the company. Indeed it is the huge leap which sets a new path for the Cupertino giant in future. The iPhone X is claimed as the future of the smartphone, no doubt it brings a new awesome UI experience with top-notch features in all aspects. The device success is pretty important as it will help the company to reclaim being the most innovative smartphone manufacturer.

The iPhone X ditches the traditional Touch ID Aka fingerprint scanner but instead brings the latest method to unlock the device. Last year the company ditched the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack with a USB Type-C dongle. They were much criticized due to this aspect but the company remains committed. Without any doubt, the iPhone X is fulfilling the wish list of Apple fans who were bored because of seeing same designed smartphone for years.

The iPhone X is the company's first step in the new direction which for sure will be followed by other iPhone variants as well in future. Like always whenever a new premium flagship is announced, everyone is keen to know how well it competes against its competitors, we already compared the latest iPhone X against almost all competitors in the market and in most cases the iPhone X emerges as the winner.

Now is the perfect time to preview the latest iPhone X. We are hopeful this preview will certainly help out our readers whether the iPhone X is worth buying or not? The iPhone X is bringing a number of features which were not present on any iPhone including bezel-less display, wireless charging support, Face ID and many others. Without any further ado, let's have a look at the greatest iPhone announced so far by Apple.

Price and release date

Being the most premium device the iPhone X is also the most expensive iPhone ever announced. It is one of the most expensive flagship smartphone widely available in the market. Though the device main selling aspect is its tech under the hood but still price matters for most of the buyers. The iPhone X base variant with 64GB storage costs $999 whereas the device costs £999 in the UK. If you are residing in the Australia you will have to pay AU$ 1,579 to grab this device.

The top of the line variant with 256GB storage can be purchased for $1,149 in the US, for the UK customers, the price reaches £1,149. In Australia the device price tag reaches AU$1,829. The device pre-orders kicked off from Oct 27th with a release from November 3. The device is currently available in most of the regions but in limited quantity but the good thing is shipping kickoff now.


The most important aspect of iPhone X is indeed its bezel-less display which gives you the feeling of the premium device once you pick it up. Apart from being bezel-less, it is the company's first smartphone with the OLED display. The display panel is of 5.8-inches. Despite the fact, the display is larger than iPhone 8 Plus but still, it can be grabbed easily single handily.

The Sharpness and color saturation of this display is pretty amazing. The reduction of bezels and inclusion of notch gives it striking looks. Thanks to OLED it has deep blacks like most of the OLED displays. Samsung is using OLEDs for its premium Galaxy smartphone since Galaxy S1 but the Cupertino giant counters it by saying OLED technology is not mature enough to be used in iPhones but this year iPhone X OLED is definitely one of the crispest display with incredible viewing angles.

Though it doesn't have the most pixels per inch still its color shift and other aspects makes it one of the best displays in the market. The iPhone X display is future proof as most of the premiums announced this year have bezel-less displays, we can expect a number of new flagships next year as well with ultra-thin bezels. The device has slight bands around the display to avoid accidental touches.

We can expect Apple will be further reducing it in future to make the iPhone X successor more appealing. The display has a small notch on the top, it comprises of front-facing snapper and other sensors. In portrait mode, you won't find it noticeable but instead, its adjusts pretty nicely but in case of landscape you might find it irritating because it fades away the real taste of full front-facing display while watching videos.

The display aspect ratio is 2:1, it's not something new for smartphone enthusiasts as we have seen tons of smartphones with the ratio. Almost all new Android apps of this year are specially optimized to fill-in the space of full vision displays but that's not the case with apps on Apple Store. On wide-angle viewing, you will get large bars on both sides of the screen.

Unfortunately lack of optimization results in providing somewhat similar display size you find on average iPhones. The main purpose of having large screen iPhone is to get the full benefit of its large display, unfortunately, that experience is still in its early stages. As the iPhone X is still new on the market, we can expect iOS apps developers will soon release apps optimized for this display.

Another plus point of this display is its support for HDR10 and Dolby Vision formats. This brings color reproduction of top-notch quality, the effect on this display while watching action movies is pretty realistic. Last but not the least the iPhone X comes with a True Tone display which automatically adjusts white balance according to environment lighting conditions.


The iPhone X premium-ness continuous to design department as well. The iPhone X is not bringing completely revamped design but instead, it brings a pretty good mixture of older and new design language. The chassis made up of aluminum with glass covering the rear side to support wireless charging feature. As discussed above up front the iPhone X has full-front facing display. It lacks physical home button on the front-facing side.

It easily fits in your palm due to round edges. It definitely gives you premium feeling while holding due to its sleek metal chassis blended with the glass rear. The iPhone X is IP67 certified device which means it can resist water up to 1 meters deep for 30 minutes without any damage. The good thing is you won't have to worry about bands color but instead the device has bands embedded in the metal which once again ensures premium feel of this device.

The device weighs 174g which is significantly heavier than Galaxy S8 but still lighter than iPhone 8 Plus which weighs 202g. Apple claims the rear glass on the iPhone X is the sturdiest glass ever used by Apple. The glass rear attracts fingerprints so you have to take extra care to make sure it remains clean.

The dual rear cameras are protruding placed on the top left corner vertically. The good thing is iPhone X is the perfect device if you want to use it single handily. It's good that iPhone X comes with a phablet display in a compact body. The iPhone X has the mono speaker on the bottom alongside the USB port to provide you good audio experience. You can enjoy movies even without headphones. Like other iPhones, it lacks traditional 3.5mm headphone jack but instead comes with a USB adapter.


The iPhone X is also powered up by the company's latest A11 Bionic chipset. Its an hexa-core chipset with four efficiency cores and two power cores. The new chipset not only brings sheer power under the hood but also it brings significant improvements in the graphics department.

The powerful chipset is accompanied with 3GB RAM. Though it looks pretty average considering most of the Android mid-rangers have 4GB RAM. Apple iPhones hardware and software are optimized so well that it doesn't require much RAM to operate speedily and smoothly. As per Geekbench listing, the iPhone X is the most powerful smartphone available in the market, the iPhone 8 Plus only matches it power.

The iPhone X sheer power makes it the most powerful smartphone even better than all Android flagships in the market. There is a low-power mode which ensures everything slows down and battery juice is saved. This showcase the iPhone X is the pretty well-optimized device. Apple claims the iPhone X is pretty powerful to handle hi-fi AR games without any lag and so far it overthrows everything.

The lock screen notifications will appear once your device is locked. The iPhone X is one of the best options if you are looking for a gaming-centric device. However, you need battery case because games drain the battery pretty quickly which is something not new for Apple fans.

Specs iPhone X
Display 5.8-inches
Screen resolution 1125 x 2436 pixels
Pixels density 458PPi
Chipset A11 Bionic
Rear cameras Dual 12MP
Front camera 7MP
Battery 2,716mAh
USB Type-C
IP-ratings IP67
OS iOS 11

Most of you are already aware the iPhone X comes with latest iOS 11 straight out of the box and if you own an iPhone above iPhone 6S for sure you already received the latest update for your device. However, the User experience on iPhone X is different from other iPhone devices as it doesn't have the home button and also there is a number of extra gestures for the iPhone X owners.

For instance, you will have to swipe up to go home screen, if you swipe a bit long the device will show already open apps. You will have swipe from bottom to left and right to change apps. There are different methods to control Siri, switching off and other Apple native apps. The iPhone X doesn't have iOS landscape mode as well as it doesn't display the battery percentage. On the other hand, you will get a number of new exclusive features and gestures as well.

For other iOS 11 running iPhones the control center comes by swiping from bottom to top but in case of iPhone X, the control center can be accessed from top to bottom swipe. Overall UI won't be much different for iOS 11 users.

Face ID

With the iPhone X Apple ditched the Touch ID as a key security feature but instead introduced Facial recognition as Face ID. It can be set up pretty easily, you just have to spin you face in front of iPhone X so that it easily captures all details of your face. The device needs to see your eyes, mouth, and nose to unlock. It doesn't seem like in its early stage but instead, you will for sure will impress with the accuracy of this biometric technology from Apple.

We can certainly claim it flawless, way accurate than most of the facial recognition tech in the market. The good thing it works perfectly accurate even in low-light conditions as well as while moving. You just have to see the iPhone X unlock it. If you wear glasses, you don't have to worry because infrared sensor on the iPhone X can easily penetrate accurately to identify the user. Though in most of the cases users don't have to keep device pretty close to their face but still in blinding sunlight user will have to keep it slightly close so that it can easily identify.

You can't put device flat to see notifications but instead, you will have to look into the display to check out notifications. The Apple Pay service in iPhones with Touch ID was easy to use as it allows the user to verify payments instantly but in case of iPhone X, you will have to activate it by double tapping the side button and then it will scan your face to confirm payment. The Face ID is still in its early stage and there are only a few apps which are getting the benefit of this feature.


Apart from Face ID, the Animoji is also a new addition and if you are iPhone X fan for sure you heard about it. This feature allows the user to create an emoji of yourself talking, it uses TrueDepth camera to create a live emoji of the user. There is a number of avatars which you can use to become a talking robot. The main aspect of this feature is not that it turns your face into emoji but instead, the accuracy level of face mapping is pretty awesome and worth appreciating.

There is not a single app available in the market which comes with such kind of permission. A slight flicker is also translated in your Animoji. It certainly won't be a feature which you forget in few weeks but certainly every time you will love to use it. We can expect developers can use this feature in future to produce games for children.


Although the camera sensors on iPhone X is not the best in the market but certainly pretty close to being the best sensor in the market. The dual rear cameras on the iPhone X are 12MP modules which bring depth feature and also allows the user to zoom-in without affecting the image quality. The secondary sensor aperture size is f/2.4 aperture whereas the optical image stabilization is for the wide-angle lens only.

The selfie-camera on the front facing side is TrueDepth camera sensor of 7MP. There is a number of features which allows the user to capture one of the best selfies. Thanks to TrueDepth capabilities it allows the user to capture portrait mode selfies with blurred background and focusing solely on the subject. The Selfie camera also allows the user to adjust lighting as well as you can use a background to capture your selfie.

The overall camera interface isn't much changed from last year iPhones. The rear camera snaps have pretty amazing detail and captured images are natural-looking. This aspect will be appreciated by Apple fans. One of the reasons behind stunning results is the OLED display of the iPhone X. The camera sensors capturing speed and accuracy is pretty good like all other iPhones.

The iPhones camera sensors usually suffer in low-light conditions but on the iPhone X, the results are slightly better than last year iPhones. The iPhone X uses the wide-angle sensor to capture low-light images instead of zoom-in sensor like iPhone X, this is one of the reasons why it performs better in low-light conditions. Like most of the flagships, the iPhone X can capture 4K videos at 60fps.


At the announcement event, Cupertino giant didn't reveal the exact size of the battery cell but instead they mention iPhone X battery life is better than last year iPhone 7 Plus. Later on, a Chinese regulatory listing showcase the iPhone X is running on a 2,716mAh battery which is slightly larger than the phablet iPhone 8 Plus. It makes sense as the iPhone X features the large display with higher screen resolution.

The battery life certainly not an impressive or standout feature of the iPhone X but instead, it's slightly better than last year iPhones. On heavy usage including music and video streaming and using hotspot, the iPhone X survives not more than 12 hours. On normal to heavy usage, the device provides battery life of 15 hours. The device ended the day with an impressive 25% on light usage.

The good thing is device consumes only 5% battery overnight. Though it's not the best in the market but certainly pretty good if you face quick drain of earlier iPhones. The device requires 2 hours and 15 minutes to completely charge from 0 to 100. The OLED display plays a vital role in saving battery juice.

The iPhone X supports wireless charging thanks to glass rear. It supports fast charging as well but Unfortunately the charge included in the package is not the fast charger but instead, you will have to spend at least $75 to grab USB-C Lightning cable and fast charger. On fast charger, the device charges up to 50% in thirty minutes. An 11 Bionic most of the cores are efficiency cores which also helps to bring better battery life. Also, it is important to mention despite being a compact smartphone it comes with a phablet-size display which requires more juice to operate similarly like iPhone 8 Plus.


Apple already claimed their iPhone X is the future of the iPhones which clearly indicates the company is keen to bring further improvements in this direction. The claim from the company is certainly accurate. It brings stunning large OLED display in a compact package which is easy to grab. The Edge-to-Edge designing from Apple makes it one of the most striking bezel-less smartphone in the market.

We have to admit indeed it is the biggest change in design from Apple since the first iPhone back in 2007. The standard iPhone 8 looks dated in front of iPhone X. The device is not only the most beautiful and powerful flagship from Apple but also the most premium in terms of pricing. The overall feel of iPhone X certainly gives you feeling of top-notch build-quality.

The iPhone X premiumness comes with a hefty price tag of $999 which certainly not attainable for everyone. There is a number of buyers who don't want to spend that much of money on their upcoming flagship but the pre-order numbers indicate there is still a number of buyers who are willing to grab this handset no matter what they have to pay. If you are Apple iPhone fans and using somewhat similar designed iPhones from last few years, you can get iPhone X as something totally revamped and different from all other iPhones announced so far.

At the end, we would like to hear our keen readers thoughts regarding the latest iPhone X, Would they like to grab it or not after reading this preview. Feel free to share your views in the comments section below.

The Apple iPhone X isn't still available. To be notified when it becomse available click here.



Apple iPhone X Preview: iPhone's 10th anniversary made a great milestone
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