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Several iPhone X users reporting tinny and crackling speaker audio

13 November 2017 4

Apple iPhone X has won everyone’s hearts already, though it’s not easy to grab the device, considering the cost of the device is too high. Well, going by the saying ‘nothing in this world is perfect,’ iPhone X also shows some imperfections and the company has said it will soon come up with a fix at least for a few of them.

Now, a new issue has been persisted according to which the device’s speaker shows a buzzing distortion. And, this crackling of sound is not just associated when the speaker volume is set too high. The issue can even be heard when the volume is set at just 50% and those who are experiencing this issue have reported that this sounds pretty bad.

The user who first reported this problem on Reddit has already exchanged the device but the same issue has persisted again. Many users have given agreement to this issue and reported the problem on the same Reddit thread.

For instance, one user has reported,

Yeah, it’s the top speaker for me. It seems to be rattling/clipping when playing anything at high volume, even if it’s just someone talking. I even got my phone replaced yesterday, but the new unit has the same issue.

Surprisingly, some of the users aren’t experiencing such issue and fine with it.

Apple fixed the similar issue occurred in iPhone 8 with the help of a software update. And, it seems like iPhone X’s problem will be corrected with the same approach. However, consumers are already thinking to get it replaced immediately.

Apple iPhone X has other issues as well, for instance, some of the units are showing a green line on the side of the display. Apple will also fix the cold weather unresponsiveness with an update.

The Apple iPhone X isn't still available. To be notified when it becomse available click here.



Several iPhone X users reporting tinny and crackling sound from speaker
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