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Apple will not adopt in-display fingerprint sensor even for 2019 iPhone | Report

05 September 2018 3

Last year, Apple ditched the fingerprint biometric system Touch ID and replaced it with facial recognition tech Face ID on the iPhone X. It talked at length about how Face ID is the future which made it clear that it has no plans of going back to fingerprint scanners. But with the recent developments in the field of in-display fingerprint scanning, many of us have started to wonder when Apple would be jumping on the train and if a new report is to be believed, we will have to wait longer.

The report is based on research notes of the renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who enjoys a good track record when it comes to predicting Apple products/services roadmap and leaking important details. Kuo said while in-display fingerprint scanning technology is expected to grow by 500% by next year because of the Android adoption, Apple is unlikely to join the bandwagon with its 2019 iPhone offerings.

Kuo says that even though Android OEMs are showing interest in using in-display fingerprint scanners, they are mostly doing for the sake of differentiating their products from iPhone models. It is said that the facial recognition technology used on Android devices is currently years behind Apple's 3D facial scanning tech Face ID. This is the reason they are using in-display fingerprint scanning as a way of standing out from the crowd.

There are a few other reasons which are making Apple avoid the implementation of in-fingerprint scanning technology. The first one is that it is currently meant for OLED display panels which are seen in high-end models and not for LCD displays. The second factor is that the tech is currently limited to only a particular section of the display. It means in-display fingerprint scanning works only the specified area of the display instead of offering a full-display experience. Another but more important factor is that Face ID is working absolutely fine on iPhone X with no major issues. As a result, Apple has no reason to hurry into implementing a technology which is still in its infancy stage.

While all these limitations of in-fingerprint scanning technology are expected to improve with future iterations, it will be interesting to see when exactly Apple decides to opt for the same. As of now, Apple will be announcing three new iPhone models at the event scheduled for September 12th where each of these will be featuring Face ID. In fact, Face ID is also rumored to arrive on the new iPad Pro models.



Apple will not adopt in-display fingerprint sensor even for 2019 iPhone | Report
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There are still a few features that iPhones don't carry. Bigger batteries, bigger RAM, if I'm not wrong, the dual SIM too isn't supported (Is that right?). And still iPhones are costlier than Android phones :confused: :confused:

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