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Apple makes it mandatory for all App Store app listings to have privacy policy

06 September 2018 2

Apple has made a new announcement via App Store Connect where it has now made it mandatory for all App Store apps to have a privacy policy. This applies to all the new and existing apps including the ones which are free or only work offline. In other words, if you have an app on the App Store, it needs to have a privacy policy regardless of any other factors.

Prior to this, only those apps which were either paid or subscription-based were required to link their privacy policy. It was up to the developers of free apps whether they wanted to include a privacy policy or not. This new app review guideline will come into effect starting October 3rd after which apps without privacy policy would be rejected during the approval stage.

As for what needs to be included in the privacy policy, here is what Apple says about it,

“The privacy policies must identify what data the app collects, in what manner, and how it is used. It is also the responsibility of the app developer to confirm that the behavior of any embedded third-party frameworks complies with the parent app’s privacy policy. Apple also says that apps must clearly explain data retention policies and detail how a user can revoke consent and request deletion of any personal data stored.”

For iPhone and iPad apps, developers will have to share an URL to their privacy policy page hosted on their website. This link will be opened in Safari browser whenever a user will click on it. As for Apple TV apps, Apple will provide a text box where developers will need to copy paste their respective privacy policy. This box will be shown to the Apple TV users as the device does not come with a browser.

With this announcement, Apple is taking steps towards reducing the chance of getting into any kind of legal trouble over data privacy of App Store users. This becomes even more important considering recent data theft scandals like the Cambridge Analytica.



Apple makes it mandatory for all App Store app listings to have privacy policy
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