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Apple releases new 'There's More to iPhone' campaign videos

04 March 2019 3

Even though Apple is one of the most popular smartphone brands around the world, it still has to come up with unique marketing campaigns to stay ahead of the competition. One such campaign from the company is titled 'There's More to iPhone' which goes on to share aspects that make an iPhone more than just a smartphone. It has now added three new videos to the campaign as well as expanded it to France and the United Kingdom.

The three videos are titled Data Protection, Disassembly, and Remote Erase respectively. Each of them talks about the particular aspects mentioned in the video title. In the first video, Apple mentions that it never sells its users' data which is a way of showing that they take care of user privacy. This claim has been made to get ahead of the brands which have been accused of selling user data without their consent.

The second video talks about a robot called Daisy which is used by Apple. The robot's job is to disassemble old iPhones and take out useful materials from them during the recycling process. It says that using a robot is much more efficient and results in more material getting recovered. The robot is said to have been designed by Apple itself and is a nod to the company's attempts at keeping the environment clean.

The last video is about how iPhone users the ability to clean their data remotely if they end up losing the device. This is something that can happen to anybody and being able to wipe the data remotely is definitely a handy functionality.

As mentioned in the beginning, this particular campaign from Apple is now available in France and the United Kingdom. It was originally released in Germany which makes it three countries where the campaign has been released. There are no words which other countries will be getting the campaign and when.



Apple releases new 'There's More to iPhone' campaign videos
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