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Apple to start manufacturing AR headset in Q4 2019 | Report

11 March 2019 2

Speculations on Apple’s developing AR glasses aren’t new. They have been in the tech world for so long but the only thing we have seen getting materialized is the ARKit and the associated apps on the iPhone and iPad.

Now, comes out a report from a very renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo to add some more fuel to these speculations. Going by his report, it looks like that the speculated AR glasses or an AR hardware is at least taking the shape of reality soon. Kuo reports that Apple’s first augmented reality product will go into mass production as soon as the fourth quarter of 2019 and should be available at some point during the first half of 2020.

Kuo says that Apple’s much-anticipated or the first-generation of AR glasses will be heavily dependent on the iPhone. While the AR glasses will have its own display, the processing, positional tracking, and networking duties will be done by the connected iPhone. Well, this idea will keep the design of the AR glasses slim and lightweight as all the heavy work is being done by the iPhone. While this could be the idea for the first-gen AR glasses, we can fairly assume advancement in its successors, but, it’s too early to comment.

Dependency on iPhone for executing sounds more or less like an Apple Watch as the accessory also needs a connection with an iPhone. However, it’s unknown at the moment how the AR headset will get connected with the iPhone.



Apple to start manufacturing AR headset in Q4 2019 | Report
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Having iPhone to carry out almost all the processes for the AR Glasses will also be kind of a test for Apple. Definitely, the second generation will be fairly advanced.

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