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iPhone 11 teardown shows it's an iPhone XR with iPhone 11 Pro tech inside

24 September 2019 0

Apple's newly launched iPhone 11 has undergone iFixit teardown treatment revealing everything that is going on under the hood. There are some new findings but as an overall result, it has been confirmed that the iPhone 11 is essentially an iPhone XR packed with some of the iPhone 11 Pro technologies to make it better.

The process of opening up an iPhone 11 is exactly the same as for many of the previous iPhone models since iPhone 6S. Once it was opened, the iFixit folks found a new double-decker logic board which they claim to have never seen before. The display panel can be replaced by users themselves but doing so without using Apple's special tools will result in True Tone functionality getting disabled.

Here is one interesting finding from the teardown;

"With the rear case nearly hollowed out, we finish with an X-ray that leaves us with a few lingering questions. Despite the lack of a second battery connector, we can’t help but stare at this charging coil and wonder what might have been. If bilateral charging were included in the final production design, we wouldn’t necessarily expect to see a radically altered coil—but a bigger battery and additional thermal management would almost certainly be required, as reverse wireless charging is thirsty and inefficient, throwing off a lot of heat. In the case of the standard iPhone 11, we’re not seeing it."

In other words, there is no concrete proof available within the iPhone 11 to show that Apple planned to offer bilateral charging on the new iPhones. It is a feature which was heavily rumored to arrive with the new iPhones but as things turned out, it did not. It is believed that Apple was working on the functionality but scrapped the idea just before the official unveiling.

Other than this, iPhone 11 received a repairability score of 6 out 10 where 10 stands for being the easiest to repair. It means it is not a great score but it is not too bad either. If you are well-versed with opening up smartphones, you should not find any issues doing so with the new affordable iPhone.

The Apple iPhone 11 isn't still available. To be notified when it becomse available click here.



iPhone 11 teardown shows it's an iPhone XR with iPhone 11 Pro tech inside
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