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Battery comparison shows Dark Mode does save the battery life to a good extent

21 October 2019 0

Smartphone companies have eventually shifted to the system-wide Dark Mode, thanks to the iOS and Android platforms that have spread this change for good. The two widely-known advantages of having the dark theme enabled are better battery life and reduced eye strain. And, technically, we could only test the battery life in the real-time scenario to really admire the Dark Mode.

YouTuber from PhoneBuff has come up with an interesting battery test comparison that puts the two iPhones running iOS 13 face to face. One iPhone XS with Dark Mode enabled and another with just the regular light theme. The test includes some tasks, like opening apps, watching videos, accessing web or social apps and the aim is to check which device survives for longer.

Before starting the test, the YouTuber calibrated the screen equally of both the OLED featured iPhones at 200 nits. The only difference is one has Dark Mode-enabled and the other hasn’t.

The test starts by using an automated chat application for 2 hours and the iPhone with Dark Mode can be seen taking the lead effortlessly.

Furthermore, the massive drop in the battery can be observed on the iPhone without Dark Mode after accessing Twitter for straight 2 hours. The iPhone XS with Dark Mode enabled was around 14% ahead in terms of battery life against the one without the dark theme on after just 4 hours of the test.

After watching YouTube videos for another 2 hours, iPhone XS without Dark Mode dropped 37% of its battery compared to the Dark Mode. And, in another 2 hours, the test accessed Maps and in just 1 hour 33 minutes the battery of the one without the Dark Mode drained completely, whereas the one with Dark Mode-enabled was still preserving 30% of battery.

This test clears that the Dark Mode does save the battery and thus can increase your overall usage. Note that all the apps that participated in the test have a dark mode, so don’t expect other apps to offer similar results.



Battery comparison shows Dark Mode does save the battery life to a good extent
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