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iPad Pro 9.7 display is superior than any other Apple Tablet

13 April 2016 0

Apple had unveiled in the iPad Pro 9.7 along with the Apple iPhone SE at an exclusive event earlier in March this year. The iPad Pro 9.7 is a smaller version of the Apple popular 12-inch iPad Pro and offers excellent features including a new LCD display and a 12MP camera.

Now DisplayMate has done an in-depth analysis of the Apple iPad 9.7 and says that it has a "new DCI-P3 Wide Color Gamut that is used in 4K UHD TVs and Digital Cinema," which is "more than 20 percent brighter than the other current iPads" and the "brightest full size production tablet" that it has ever tested. The tablet brightness (511 cd/m2 (nits)) is even higher than the iPad Air 2 (415 nits).

The site adds that the 9.7-inch iPad Pro has "by far the lowest low screen reflectance of any mobile display," which makes images "appear considerably better than any other mobile display." The 9.7-inch iPad Pro's display was better than its older 12.9-inch sibling in every category tested.

DisplayMate states that, the display on the new iPad Pro 9.7 outperforms the iPad Pro 12.9 in every single display performance category except (obviously) size, and then just its Black Luminance, which results in a higher Contrast Ratio in the dark. The iPad Pro 12.9 is still a very good display; it’s just that the iPad Pro 9.7 is so much better than anything else.

The site suggests that Apple may even use the improved display technologies of the 9.7inch iPad Pro on the its upcoming flagship device the iPhone 7.

Since Apple likes to expand new technology across its product lines, an educated guess for the upcoming iPhone 7 is that its display could be a small version of the iPad Pro 9.7. Improvements could include adding the new DCI-P3 Wide Color Gamut and also adding an Anti-Reflection coating that could lower the screen Reflectance from the current iPhone 4.6 percent down to 1.7 percent (a factor of almost 3 improvement). Both of these would also improve the iPhone screen performance and readability in high ambient light. True Tone could be added if Apple upgrades the Ambient Light sensors so they measure Color in addition to Brightness.



iPad Pro 9.7 display is superior than any other Apple Tablet
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