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Apple patented a pizza box design to keep pizzas air and moisture free

17 May 2017 0

Apple has always been in news for its obsession with design which results in patenting all of what they do. From multi-touch in original iPhone to filing a patent for the glass staircase in their stores all around the world, Apple has been extremely meticulous about everything that they do and also about protecting their creations.

Following this trend, a Wired report has stated various design overhauls in the new Apple Park which has seen tremendous changes over the past year. The report indicates a rather unconventional but very Apple(ish) design patent: a pizza box design patent. Apple has invented its own pizza box because obviously already available pizza boxes do not meet the standards for the company. This new pizza box is more precisely a pizza circle which allows the employees to take the pizza with them from Cafe Macs to their pods. The pizza circle is an environmentally friendly alternative to other plastic containers that we see around everyday.

The pizza circle has holes on top of the lid to eliminate air and moisture, thus keeping the crust crispy and fresh, as we always like it. The patent for the pizza circle was filed 7 years ago and since then it has been used at existing campuses too. The patent lists Francesco Longoni, the head of Apple’s food services team, as one of its inventors. The following tweet shows a signed pizza box by Apple employees after Steve Jobs left the world.

If you are really interested here is the patent for the pizza box. Well, Apple has also been awarded a patent on a design of a paper bag not long ago, which again shows the company's obsessive design philosophy.



Apple patented a pizza box design to keep pizzas air and moisture free
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