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Microsoft’s new Seeing AI app for the iPhone remembers people’s faces

13 July 2017 0

Advancements in technology have always been taking the world by storm. In today’s world, gadgets and apps can help make your life a lot simpler. Most gadgets even have built-in voice recognition artificial intelligence which help you not only plan your day but execute it too! Applications are being programmed with facial recognition so this new app developed by Microsoft might not seem to come as such a surprise.

Microsoft developed a new app called, ‘Seeing AI’, which is geared towards making your life simpler. This seems to be a great app for those who are differently abled. It helps make normal day tasks a lot easier and less cumbersome. This app can help narrate the things which it sees around you, including small and large texts. The beauty of this app lies in its ability to read the text out aloud.

So what happens when your spectacles break and you have to read an important legal document? Do you wait for someone to read it out for you? Why should you? You can try the Seeing AI app developed by Microsoft! As a bonus, it can even read barcodes and provide you with all the information about the products. This state of the art technology will work wonders in your everyday life.

It doesn’t stop there; the app is also able to save information in terms of facial recognition. The app can also tell you your mood, location and even your age based on facial recognition. What makes this app so great is that you can download it for free and use it on your iPhone. Let’s hope this makes its way to the Android platform pretty soon!

Seeing AI | iOS | App Store, Free



Microsoft’s new Seeing AI app for the iPhone remembers people’s faces
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