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Apple’s Free app of the week is Domino Drop

28 July 2017 0

A free app or game by Apple? Why not? Well, every week, Apple offers a free app or a free game for its users to download and install. This week Apple has made a classic Tetris like game, known as Domino Drop available for free download. Users can install this on either their iPhone or even their iPad. Users will have until the next week to get the game for free. The game is normally priced at a reasonable $2 but why not grab it for free, right? This game is a puzzle based game which will keep you entertained.

The game mechanics resemble Tetris, a classic block puzzle game. Stacking the blocks together in a particular arrangement is what the game is all about. You’ll notice that each falling domino carries a different colour and number. Learning the game might be easy, but mastering it is a difficult task! The minimalistic colours and background make this game visually appealing and yet sober. The game features a soothing audio experience, making the gameplay engaging and fun.

A note from the App Store Editor reads as follows:

Memorable music and irresistible gameplay pair perfectly in the tile-matching Domino Drop. This Tetris-like puzzler has you matching dominoes to prevent stack-ups. But as the board gets busier, the colours get more varied, and thoughtful strategy quickly grows challenging. The gameplay feels polished and familiar, but it’s the tiny details packed in every corner—the clink of the falling dominoes, the turntable spinning fuzzy, warm jazz—that makes each match pure bliss.

If you happen to be on the lookout for a free and addictive game, Domino Drop might be the game for you!

Domino Drop | iOS | App Store, Free



Apple’s Free app of the week is Domino Drop
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