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YouTube recommends videos based upon the likes of viewers of a channel you're subscribed

03 October 2018 3

YouTube continues to introduce new features and improvements that either directly impacts the user experience or indirectly makes the video searching much better based upon the quality of video recommendations it serves. Just recently, Just recently, YouTube rolled out the MiniPlayer and the Dark Theme which are quite handy features for many.

In the latest development, we get to see how recommendations are being shown to a particular user. You might have noticed the text above the videos that say ‘[Channel Name] viewers watch this’ which basically is a new way to lure you into watching a recommended video that YouTube believes you would be interested in too.

For example, if you’re a fan of YouTube channel ‘A’, and YouTube determines that audience of ‘A’ watches videos of another YouTube channel ‘B’, then it would show up this recommendation to you saying ‘[A YouTube channel] viewers watch this, and by ‘this’ it means video of the ‘B’ YouTube channel.

It’s basically a pretty similar approach of how YouTube recommended videos earlier, though, with this little text above the recommended video, you’re more likely to watch it. Or will you not? Would you watch a video of a suggested YouTube channel if it’s content is watched by the audience of a YouTube channel you already have subscribed to?

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YouTube recommends videos based upon the likes of viewers of a channel you're subscribed
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