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Twitter gives life to reverse-chronological feed from the dead

19 December 2018 3

While Twitter was once known quite popular for its reverse chronological order of tweets which basically meant that the users saw latest tweets on the top while making their way down in the feed to get to old tweets. This feature was drawn back by the company much like many other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram that preferred implementing algorithmic order of the content in the feeds.

Which basically meant that Algorithm decides which content to show up to which people which totally destroyed the beauty of following people that you like. You could follow someone and still never end up seeing their content as the algorithm would decide not to show you their content. Weird right? On the popular demand, it seems that Twitter has finally made their power move by bringing by the reverse chronological order of tweets in the feed as a side option, so people could choose between the current algorithmic implementation vs the reverse chronological order.

The new feature could be accessed via the ‘Sparkle’ button as Twitter calls it, that does the magic. This feature is currently rolling out to iOS devices and soon coming to Android. Now it’s time to see Instagram making their similar move to make the fans rejoice once again, which would not only be beneficial for the consumer-oriented users while also for the businesses on the platform.



Twitter gives life to reverse-chronological feed from the dead
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