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Twitter unveils its daily active users for the first, only representing users who view ads

09 February 2019 2

Limited character-based social media platform Twitter shared 320M active users back in 2016 with $710M revenue in Q4 2016 and since then things have improved a lot for the platform both in terms of overall users and also its revenue. Twitter normally shares its monthly active users though in the recent happenings the company shared its daily active users for the first time in the platform’s history.

Twitter revealed that it has 126 million daily active users. To put that into perspective, Facebook has 1.2 billion daily active users while Snapchat enjoys 60 million. Considering these numbers, Twitter has improved by 9 percent since last year when it comes to daily active users.

What’s interesting is that Twitter only counts a user as ‘active’ which could see advertisements on the platform while other companies don’t do a similar thing so Twitter backs this up by saying that their numbers are not "not comparable to current disclosures from other companies."

Earlier, Twitter did reveal as to what percentage of its users are active though this is for the first time we are getting this particular figure. Twitter’s CEO shared in a statement,

"2018 is proof that our long-term strategy is working," and also We enter this year confidence that we will continue to deliver strong performance by focusing on making Twitter a healthier and more conversational service."

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Twitter unveils its daily active users for the first, only representing users who view ads
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This is certainly a different take from Twitter as they include only users who see ads. Then, for example, if I'm not seeing ads, and still using the platform, I'm not counted in!

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