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Facebook Messenger gets WhatsApp like quoted replies feature

21 March 2019 5

Facebook continues to improve Messenger to empower it with ever-increasing features. Many believe that the app has been over cluttered with features which were pushing users away from the messenger app. Considering this, Facebook recently pushed clutter-less interface in the form of Messenger 4. Likewise, other recent updates to Facebook Messenger includes Facebook Messenger’s hidden dark mode that could be activated by following some simple steps.

Now in the latest development, Facebook has introduced a very handy feature quite similar to what we already experience to WhatsApp. The ability to reply to quote a specific part of the conversation and to reply to that is now possible in Facebook Messenger as well. This makes it quite easier to track conversational flow in a simple glance.

Users could tap and hold on a specific message bubble and could select the newly launched ‘reply’ option apart from the already existing emoji options available. It’s interesting to see how Facebook is working to bring Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook quite close so that in case a merger happens between these entities somewhere in the future, it’s an easy one to proceed with.

Have you found the quoted reply feature useful on Facebook Messenger or on WhatsApp before? Share your experience in the comment section below.



Facebook Messenger gets WhatsApp like quoted replies feature
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Using quoted replies is extremely helpful in a continuous conversation. You can get confused by seeing a reply to some above message that might not make sense.


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