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Delhi Police "Lost Report" Android App - File Lost Article/Document Report via Mobile

28 February 2014 5

Delhi Police has launched a new "Lost Report" Android App which can be used to file report with Delhi Police if you have lost any article/document in Delhi . Earlier to file a lost report you had to go to the local police station and  minimum 1-2 hours were wasted in filing a lost report . Like the police station lost reports , there will be no inquiry or investigation for such reports filed via the app , but you can use them as legal document wherever required . If you think that your belongings were not lost but stolen , then you will have to go to the police station to file a FIR .

After lodging the report you will get a LR no. which can be used to get the duplicate documents or for preventing misuse of the articles/documents (like in case of lost PAN card) . If you do not have Android smartphone , you can still lodge lost report online via Delhi Police website - Click here to file Lost report online .

"The app, Lost Report, was developed after complainants reported that a lot of time and patience went into getting complaints registered at the police station" said B S Bassi , Delhi Police commissioner .

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sample report[/caption]

Terms of Use

1) This App is for lodging report of Article/Document lost in Delhi.
2)Report lodged under this app is not a subject matter for enquiry/investigation .
3)In case loss is due to theft or any other crime , contact nearest police station .
4)False report to police is a punishable offence .

App Description

  • App Size - 1 MB
  • Requires Android 2.2 and up
  • Download App here

This mobile application facilitates hassle free lodging of report with Delhi Police for article/document lost in Delhi
The complainant has to provide the following details :
+ Complainant's Name, Father's/Mother's Name, Address, Mobile No, Email ID,Place of Loss in Delhi, Date of Loss, Time of loss (optional)
+ Lost Article(s) with Description (upto 10)
+ Brief of complaint.
+ On lodging of Lost Report (after clicking register button), complainant will get LR no. and other details prompt of lodging the report with Delhi Police with option of View/Download and Save/Exit.
+ In case saved, complainant can retrieve it in future by clicking the retrieve button.
+ On prompt complainant will also get link to generate and view the report.
Any agency or an individual has an option to verify the authenticity of the report, by entering the LR no by visiting the website of Delhi Police i.e. http://delhipolice.nic.in
To Access this application, users should have proper data / WiFi connection to


Question 01 : Why this application has been developed?
Answer : Delhi Police has consistently been adopting new
methodologies and technologies to enhance its
service delivery capacity. Our endeavour has been to
identify areas where newer means can help in
reducing public inconvenience.
Lodging a police report about a lost document
becomes indispensable where it is a prerequisite for
reissue of the lost document e.g. a passport.
Such losses are very often detected by victims after
a gap of time and even the exact place and time of
loss may also not be known to them. In particular,
persons travelling through Delhi or tourists rarely
find it possible to go back to the place where the
article or document may have been lost and lodge a
report in the Police Station for getting a new
document issued.
Therefore Delhi Police has decided to enable mobile
and web based reporting of such lost/missing articles
without the need to go to a police station. This
report can be lodged from anywhere in the world
and a printable digitally signed report is
instantaneously sent in response to the complainant.
Question 02 : What is the procedure for lodging a report?
Answer : Either use this "Lost Report App" or visit Delhi Police website www.delhipolice.nic.in and
follow the `LOST REPORT´ Module.
Question 03 : What happens after I submit my information?
Answer : A digitally signed `LOST REPORT´ will be
instantaneously sent back on the complainant´s
mobile phone and e-mail address.
Question 04 : What is the significance of LR No?
Answer : The `LOST REPORT´ bears a unique Lost Report
number (LR No) about the information lodged. This
LR Number can be used for future search and
retrieval of a copy of the report.
Question 05 : What types of complaints can be lodged?
Answer : This service can be used to lodge a `LOST REPORT´
for any article/document lost in Delhi. A copies of
such a police report is very often a prerequisite for
obtaining a duplicate document or a new document.
This can also prevent misuse of such lost document
or article.
Question 06 : What types of complaints cannot be lodged?
Answer : This is not an emergency response service and
should not be used to contact the police if:
(i) A crime is taking place or is in progress.
(ii) The suspect(s) involved in the crime is/are still
at the scene or in the vicinity.
(iii) Someone´s life or property is in immediate
(iv) Someone has been injured in the incident.
(v) The report pertains to a missing person.
(vi) Physical evidence such as bllood stains, fingerprints have been found at a suspected
scene of crime.
(vii) Missing/lost articles are related to any crime.
In the above situations or in any other
emergency: Always call 100 or contact the
nearest police station
Question 07 : I have not received an e-mail confirmation
even though I have submitted my report.
Answer : (i) You may have accidentally provided a wrong
e-mail address or your e-mail inbox is full.
(ii) You may also contact the SCRB, Delhi Police,
Delhi at 011-23237006 to check your report.
Question 08 : How a `LOST REPORT´ can be verified?
Answer : Any person can verify the `LOST REPORT´ by filling
LR No. in the search link of the application on the
Delhi Police website www.delhipolice.nic.in.
Question 09 : I am a foreigner. Can I lodge a `LOST REPORT´
Answer : You can lodge a police report through this
application if you have lost or misplaced any
article/document in Delhi.
Question 10 : Is any investigation/enquiry done by police
after lodging of a complaint?
Answer : This is only information to police. The Police will not
investigate or make any enquiries on the information
lodged in this Application but will only keep a record
of it for future reference by any person or agency. Question 11 : What are the mandatory fields in the form?
Answer : Except the fields of day (DD), time (HH- MM) and
mobile number all other fields are mandatory.
Question 12 : Is the report considered valid to get a
duplicate document issued?
Answer : Yes, it is digitally signed and can be verified online
by the authority which has to reissue a lost
Question 13 : What action will be taken if complainant
lodged any false report?
Answer : False complaint/information to the police is a
punishable offence.
Question 14 : Whether the print out of report taken is to be
submitted in any police station?
Answer : No.
Question 15 : Whether "LOST REPORT" can be lodged if
article/document is lost outside the area of
Answer : No.
Question 16 : Whether "LOST REPORT" can be retrieved or
Answer : Yes, it can be retrieved through search link on the



Delhi Police Lost Report Android App - File Lost Article/Document Report via Mobile
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shabiuddin khan

Comment: Sir, My wife, Naghma Shireen Khan has lost her birth Certificate. Her DOB is 2.10.1968. I need to apply for her passport for which I need a copy of the FR to make an affidavit to be produced in Passport Office. Thanking you..

neha sharma

This is nice article of Delhi Police lost report android app. I want to share my own experience one of my friend has lost his voter ID card at some where then he came to know about web based application then he registered his lost article report and suddenly this application generated a report regarding the same. Through this web based application people came across this admirable technology.

anil rana

I lost my mobile 20/08/2016 in metro befor kalka ji station and without wasting my time I am going for sarita vihar metro police station that time my mobile is on but sho sahab refused to track my mobile fir no is 0031 dt 20/08/2016

pankaj kumar gupta

Respected Sir,I kindly request you my name is pankaj kumar gupta and my father name is jai prakash gupta.I have lost my cellphone with two sim card and memory card.1st sim card is vodafone nd number was 8447158385 nd 2nd is tata docomo(u.p)9044500452.So I kindly request you any kind of person couldnt misuse the both sim.when i lost my sim the date was 20/06/2014 at 7 in the morning.i am greatful to Delhi Police.

Rita Sharma

Respected Sir/Madam,
I Kindly request you my name is Rita sharma W/O Rajkumar sharma.I leave in P-26/8,NEW CVD LINE SADAR BAZAR DELHI CANTT. I working in C.O.D (Diffence).
Sir i was going to office 18/5/2015, my wollet was missing on road & also documents are missing.
List are there:- 1 Voter Card.
2. ECHS Card.
I kindly request you any kind of person couldnt misuse my documents. I am greatful to Delhi Police.


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