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IFA 2018: Here’s everything you can expect at the tech show

28 August 2018 5

As the end of August is approaching all tech giants are getting ready for the biggest tech show in Europe. Everyone is eagerly waiting for the IFA 2018 scheduled in Berlin. The event will kick off on August 29. You can expect a dozen companies will take the IFA stage to showcase their latest innovative offerings.

The first IFA event was held back in 1924, initially, it was a radio convention and now one of the biggest tech show of the year where companies unveil new products. The best thing about the show is not only exclusive for the tech geeks but also it is open to the public which allows them to witness the latest best technology.

The event is full of new laptops, TVs, smart home products, smartphones and much more. Mostly the new offerings at the IFA are targetted to consumers products. At this year's IFA big giants like Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, Philips and many others scheduled press events to launch new products. For sure the first everyone's mind is what to expect at this year IFA event. Like always we have collected all the details we know so far regarding the event to help out our readers. Without any further delay, let's dive into all the details regarding the IFA 2018.

IFA 2018 Schedule

This year once again the IFA event will be held in Berlin. The show will be open to the public from August 31st to September 5. However, the press conferences regarding the new products will be held on August 29th and 30th. The 30th of the month will be the most active day as many companies scheduled press events on the day.

What to expect?

Last year we had seen many new innovative products. LG announced their flagship V30, Fitbit unveils Ionic, Samsung and LG showcased their new OLED TVs and much more. Many companies are still silent regarding their plans at the IFA 2018, however, the press invites and promotional material gives a good hint regarding what to expect at the event.


The Huawei's subsidiary Honor recently confirmed the press event at the IFA. Considering its a big stage, the company is expected to bring a gigantic smartphone with AI goodies. Honor recently launched Honor Play for the Chinese customers. Apart from having a large 6.3-inches display, the device features few extra goodies to enhance your gaming experience. Most likely the Honor Play will be announced for the European region at the event.


Acer already confirmed the press event on August 29th. So they are amongst the first to announce new products at this year IFA. Most likely the company will launch new laptops at the event but so far the company is mum regarding their plans.


Asus also rolled out the press invites for the IFA 2018. The invite suggests the Asus new products at the event are targetted to enhance your "creative power". So we can expect Asus products will bring new features to assist you in creativity.

Bang & Olufsen

B&O to launch new products at the event. The company scheduled a press event on the very first day, however, the invite didn't provide any hint regarding what the company is cooking inside for the tech show. Most likely it will be new speakers or the latest gen BeoVision TV.


Every year Fitbit unveil at least one new product at the IFA, same is the case this year. The last year's Fitbit Ionic was much appreciated and now it seems like the company will launch the Charge 2 successor at the event. The Charge 3 rumors are gaining momentum so the chances are quite high, we will be seeing the Charge 3 unveiling.


So far the Fossil is silent regarding the press event, the company yet not scheduled an event. Usually, at the IFA event the company launch new smartwatches, the Michael Kors and Kate Spade were unveiled at the IFA events. Recently the company announced new Fossil watches and a new addition to Access lineup, so most likely you can expect these watches will be shown to the public at the event.


The Taiwanese giant will also be attending the IFA event, scheduled a press event on August 30. From the look of the things, it seems like the company most likely will launch a new mid-range smartphone at the event, the device is rumored as U12 Life. The device is in rumors from the past few weeks but so far it is not confirmed whether HTC will utilize the IFA stage to announce it or they will launch it in a dedicated event.


Last year LG took the IFA stage to announce flagship phablet V30. The company not only announced the smartphone in Europe but also the device went up for sale in the European region. Now the rumors of V40 are gaining momentum, there are chances the company could use the IFA stage to announce their next big flagship smartphone.

LG yet to disclose anything regarding the smartphone announcement, however, it is confirmed the company will launch AI-powered smart home products at the event. So far the company confirmed the arrival of XBOOM Go and AI ThinQ speakers


The IFA event is usually utilized by Panasonic to unveil their new products. This year hopes are quite regarding new products as the company is celebrating the 100th anniversary so you can expect something special at this year IFA. The company already scheduled a press event.


Philips scheduled a press event on August 30th where most likely the company will launch a new TV lineup. Apart from the new OLEDs, we can expect the company will launch new smart home products.


Last year Razer launched their first gaming smartphone and undoubtedly the device was a great success. Since the day the Razer 1 was announced the company fans are eagerly waiting for the second gen smartphone. The Razer Phone 2 is in rumors from past few weeks, the company could launch the Razer Phone 2 to challenge the Asus Rog Phone which is currently the best gaming phone in the market. We also heard rumors Razer could announce Project Linda at the event. Under this project, the company is working on hybrid laptops.


A couple of years ago the South Korean giant Samsung was the show stopper of the IFA events because the company took IFA stages to launch new Galaxy Note smartphones. However this year the company already announced Galaxy Note 9 in a dedicated event alongside the new Galaxy Watch. After the flagship smartphone, there were chances the Galaxy Tab S4 could be launched at the IFA but the company announced it already. So there won't be any new mobile product at the IFA from Samsung.

Samsung has plans to launch a new Fridge, OLEDs, washing machine and other smart home appliances at the event. The company already rolled out the press invites.


Sony is amongst those companies who launch at least one new product at IFAa, it could be an Xperia smartphone, new premium TVs or top-notch headphones. So it won't be surprising to see a new product at IFA 2018 from Sony. The company scheduled the press event on August 30 at 1 pm CET.

At the moment most of the rumors are hinting towards the announcement of Xperia XZ3. The device is in rumors from the past few days and the chances are quite high it will go official at the IFA 2018. A few days ago the company launched new Master lineup OLED and LCD TVs so most likely these products will also be placed at the Sony's booth.

Last but not the least the company has new offering the headphones niche as well. The Sony WH-1000X MK3 is rumored to be launched at the event. So Sony's event will be fully packed with a number of new products.


Tado confirmed they will launch new smart home products at the IFA 2018 but the company didn't specifically mention the products which are going to be announced. Considering the company's earlier products, you can expect smart products to provide you with a cleaner and healthier environment at the home.


Toshiba is amongst those brands which almost disappeared from the European market. Now we have rumors the company will launch new products at the IFA 2018 and also gearing up to re-enter the European market.


Mostly Huawei launches new smartphones at the IFA to lure European buyers, however this year it seems like the company isn't going to announce anything big in smartphones. The company just announced the Mate 20 Lite in Europe, so most likely it will be showcased at the event. Huawei scheduled a keynote speech where most likely the Kirin's next-gen Octa-core flagship Kirin 980 SoC will be launched. The first smartphone Mate 20 series with the latest chipset won't be released until fall this year.


BlackBerry confirmed the press event on August 30th. It is pretty much clear the company will be unveiling the KEY2 LE at the event. The company released a KEY2 LE teaser which confirms what to expect at the IFA from BlackBerry.



What to expect at IFA 2018: Here’s everything you can expect at the tech show
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I'm not a very close follower of such events, but does Apple take part in IFA? There's no word on what they will be bringing out. We know they will talk about the iPhones soon.


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