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Asus ROG phone passes brutal durability tests with flying colors

21 December 2018 4

Asus ROG gaming smartphone is not just powerful but also a very good sustainable device with a high durability factor. The phone proves its latter virtue after passing the cruel durability tests conducted by Zack of JerryRigEverything with flying colors. The series of tests include bend test, scratch test, and the flame test as well and interestingly, this gaming phone by Asus passes them all without any problem.

The Asus ROG phone with its powerful graphics and loads of memory can run things smoothly and what makes this device more favorable is its endurance power that helps in keeping some effects of accidents at bay.

The Asus ROG phone is having the protective layer of Gorilla Glass 5 on the display and like other phones on the scratch test of Zack, the phone also starts showing the scratches at level 6 and deeper grooves at level 7. This means the phone will hold up well to keys and coins if you place it with them. The bottom speaker grill has a plastic covering, which means it’s not built-in but it can’t fall on its own.

The sides of the phone along with the power and volume buttons are made of the metal, so they get scratches easily. However, the back of the device didn’t get much hurt and also the fingerprint scanner is just invincible to the razor blade.

During the bend test, the phone shows a little flex but there isn’t any damage and thus passes this brutality easily. Zack also tests the external aereo active cooler accessory that helps in keeping the phone cooler in extensive usage. The accessory undergoes the scratch test and couldn’t shield itself. But, that’s ok, considering it’s just an external accessory with a fan inside it.

The Asus Rog Phone isn't still available. To be notified when it becomse available click here.



Asus ROG phone passes brutal durability tests with flying colors
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Of course, with 8GB of RAM and SD845, even the tests from JRE weren't enough to stop the Asus ROG phone from coming out successfully.


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