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Google reports that data breaches and phishing kits are the most dangerous

14 November 2017 3

Hacking has always been one of the major threats faced on the internet. No one wants to fall victim to the malicious intent of hackers. One of the most widely known malicious hacks was Ransomware. The deadly malware brought huge companies to their knees. A study conducted by Google and UC Berkeley have revealed that data breaches have turned out to be the most popular method for stealing innocent peoples’ sensitive information and credentials.

Many of these stolen credentials are placed on hacker forums and other associated websites where they are exchanged and sometimes even sold. It turns out that data breaches account for the most common and best way to leak such credentials. Users’ accounts on Yahoo, LinkedIn and even MySpace have been leaked before and with 12 million credentials being leaked through phishing and 780,000 credentials coming from another popular tool known as keyloggers.

Out of all the above-mentioned procedures, phishing remains as one of the deadliest threats as it can take you off-guard. The usage of other forms like keyloggers and party breaches follow. Keyloggers are easy to use but involve having access to the victim’s computer, which has been seen as a drawback since its invention. Phishing kits are so dangerous because of the manner in which they operate and obtain information such as secret questions, device identifiers, geolocations, IP addressed, and phone numbers. The study reveals that there are well ​over 4000 different phishing kits which are available. Most of these kits originate from African and East-Asian countries.



Google reports that data breaches and phishing kits are the most dangerous
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We have read so many things about hacking and cyber attacks. Still, there's no end to this even when the security firms are so alert. Will that ever stop?


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