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Karma launches anonymizing Karma Black LTE hotspot

21 December 2017 4

Being anonymous and remaining anonymity on the internet has become more and more popular with every passing day. This is with good reason considering privacy concerns have been threatened multiple times by Governments and other such institutions. However, this is often difficult to do and complicated for most average web users.

Well, there is a solution for you. Karma has revealed its anonymizing Karma Black LTE hotspot. The device will start shipping from next year January 15th. However, pre-orders have already begun and can be ordered for $149 ($249 after January 15th), plus $20 per month for security services. You’ll also have to factor in the cost of LTE which can go as high as $7 per GB.

The price does seem a little on the higher end but in exchange for that, you get a portable router which can encrypt all your internet traffic and usage while not disclosing your location. This helps maintain privacy in a world where everything is made public online and if you value privacy, this is definitely something worth considering. If not being a digital bullseye is something you value, this device can help make you almost anonymous with no one being able to trace your steps.

While this sounds perfect, it at the same time makes it easier for hackers and those who are up to no good on the internet. Without their tracks being traced, it encourages such evils to persist.



Karma launches anonymizing Karma Black LTE hotspot
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It'd be good for the users who are really concerned about their security. But it can be easily misused for anti-social activities as everyone knows their location won't be traced.


Anonimity has always been of prime importance to all of us, especially when we know to what levels the expsoures can go. We need something like this device.


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