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Firefox 58 will come with faster web browsing

18 January 2018 4

It wasn’t too long ago that we witnessed the birth of the Firefox Quantum browser. This was accompanied by many changes but one which really stood out was the snappiness of the web browser. Till date, it’s one of the fastest browsers with a pretty neat interface. However, Firefox believes that this browser is about to get a lot faster with the release of its latest version, version 58. So, how do they expect to achieve this?

The firm will be doing this by injecting a new two-tiered compiler into the web browser. This includes a compiling code with a baseline compiler which promises around 10-15 times faster speeds. Lin Clark from Mozilla best explains how the new feature would work:

If you start compiling the code earlier, you’ll finish compiling it earlier. That’s what streaming compilation does… makes it possible to start compiling the .wasm file as soon as possible. When you download a file, it doesn’t come down in one piece. Instead, it comes down in a series of packets. Before, as each packet in the .wasm file was being downloaded, the browser network layer would put it into an ArrayBuffer. Then, once that was done, it would move that ArrayBuffer over to the Web VM (aka the [JavaScript] engine). That’s when the WebAssembly compiler would start compiling. But there’s no good reason to keep the compiler waiting. It’s technically possible to compile WebAssembly line by line. This means you should be able to start as soon as the first chunk comes in. So that’s what our new compiler does. It takes advantage of WebAssembly’s streaming API.

This is supposed to speed up the browser increasing overall user experience. Firefox 58 is scheduled for a release on the 23rd of January. If you’re impatient, you could always give the new two-tiered compiler on the beta or nightly build.



Firefox 58 will come with faster web browsing
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I am still unhappy with one basic feature. If I right click on the address bar, I get the option to paste my URL. But there's no shortcut key to do two actions - paste and load the page.

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