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Wacom Announces Bamboo Tip, a new fine-tip capacitive stylus for smartphones and tablets

24 January 2018 2

Wacom announced a new fine-tip stylus for Android and iOS devices. The device comes with Bamboo line products named Bamboo Tip. The device offers a quick and intuitive experience across devices. It is targeted for those users who rely on digital note-taking.

Bamboo Tip has an S Pen-like design. It packs a small capacitive tip that can be replaceable with the ones offered in the package. The design is pretty clean and smooth with an aluminum body. A micro USB port is placed at the end of the device for charging the battery that offers up to 20 hours continues working. This cross-platform device doesn't need pairing with the device.

Its working is pretty simple and effective. The battery inside generates the capacitive effect on the tip's small surface area. After charging the device, it can be turned on with a simple press. It will turn off automatically if not used for several minutes. Users can also turn it off manually with the same button used to turn it on. The device also allows the user to fine-tune performance by changing the frequency at which it communicates with the smartphones or tablets

The device is currently available in Wacom.com markets in the US, Japan, and Europe for a price tag of $49.95, €59.90 EUR* and ¥6,280 JPY respectively.



Wacom Announces Bamboo Tip, a new fine-tip capacitive stylus for smartphones and tablets
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