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Hacker groups runs Linux on Nintendo Switch

09 February 2018 1

Consoles have always been hacked and continue to, whether it be a PS1 or a PS4, it gets hacked. At times this takes the form of a full-blown exploit and other times it's mimicking the console in the form of an emulator. A prime example of this is the newly released emulator named Yuzu for the fastest selling console, the Nintendo Switch. Well, it seems like the company may have a lot more trouble coming its way as a hacker group called fail0verflow have succeeded in Debian (a distribution of Linux) on the Nintendo Switch. However, the device has been hacked in the past as well.

If this is indeed true, it opens up a tremendous number of possibilities for the console including homebrew software and playing pirated games. The hacking group claims that this was possible and will continue to remain possible due to the boot ROM. The only way the company can fix it is if it would be able to manufacture new Nvidia Tegra X1 chips. Since that’s an impossibility, if this hack becomes public, anyone with a Nintendo Switch will have open access.

Since it's on the boot ROM, the company cannot even fix it with a software update. This is because the console loads immediately from the boot ROM and there’s no way to get around it. It looks like some sort of cable is plugged into the device but since it’s not made public, there’s no telling what it could be. However, hacks like these have a way of becoming public in no time.



Hacker groups runs Linux on Nintendo Switch
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