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Researchers create electronic skin with LED to display vital stats

19 February 2018 3

Technology never ceases to amaze. Have you ever heard of SkinMarks? The temporary electronic tattoos. Well, it appears that an idea like this may have been the foundation for what could be a revolutionary piece of work. Researchers from the University of Tokyo has transformed the way in which electronic skins work. So, what makes all the difference? Well, an LED display, of course! This new electronic skin can actually display the vital health statistics of an individual. The patch is made from flexible, breathable material which can measure and display a wearer’s heartbeat.

The LED display can bend and is flexible thanks to the use of nanomesh electrodes and stretchable wiring. The statistics of vitals are displayed in an electrocardiogram waveform. The concept behind this skin patch is not just to provide health information to the wearer but also to let other people know what is wrong in case of an emergency. The sensor on the skin patch can also pair with your smartphone, allowing you to store important information like biometric data. This can even be transmitted to the cloud.

The skin patch can be used by all but is mostly geared towards the elderly as a non-invasive monitoring method, allowing health care officials to supervise. It is supposedly very resistant to wear and tear and can be stretched to a maximum of 45% of its original length. We’re unsure if this will actually make it to markets or remain as a concept yet to materialize. However, the researchers seem keen on beginning mass production of the patch within the next three years.



Researchers create electronic skin with LED to display vital stats
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