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Apple A12X Geekbench appearance reveal impressive scores

02 November 2018 1

At the recently concluded Apple hardware launch event, its’ CEO Tim Cook claimed that the new iPad Pro tablets are faster than “92% of Portable PCs”. While we know how much Apple likes to praise its own products however this claim did attract a lot of attention. Though we do agree that both the new iPad Pro models looks stunningly gorgeous, we didn’t have to wait longer for the benchmark scores to prove what Apple had claimed.

These new iPad Pro tablets are powered by the new A12X chipset and the Geekbench listing which have appeared online reveals that the chipset is indeed a powerhouse. Two listings that have appeared online suggest that the 11-inch iPad Pro houses a 4GB RAM while the larger one with 12.9-inch display features 6-GB of RAM. The A12X features an Octa-core processor and a seven core GPU. While the A12 chipset had a quad-core processor resulting in a 35 percent better single-core and 90 percent higher multi-core scores.

This device that appears as iPad 8.3 on Geekbench shows a single core score of 4987 while the multi-core score appears to be 17928. Though the exact identity is not revealed in the listing however it looks like the 11-inch iPad which features 4GB of RAM and run on iOS 12.1.

Then there are two different listings that were spotted. The device in these listing appears as iPad 8.8 featuring 6GB of RAM, Apple A12X chipset and iOS 12.1 as the OS. This could be the larger 12.9-inches iPad Pro. The single core score on the first listing is 5030 and the multi-core score is 17,995. While on the second listing the single core score is 5020, however, the multi-core score is 18217.

For a quick comparison, the previous generation iPad featuring Apple A10X Fusion chipset scored around 3,9XX in single-core and 9,3XX in multi-core tests of Geekbench. The difference in the processing speeds is clearly visible in the benchmark scores suggesting that the new iPad Pro can easily run graphics intensive and resource-hungry apps like Adobe Photoshop and AR/VR games easily.

What are your thoughts about the new iPad Pro tablets? Would you buy one based on these scores, let us know in the comments below.



Apple A12X Geekbench appearance reveal impressive scores
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