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All 5G smartphones expected to launch in 2019

29 November 2018 5

We’ve all been hearing that 5G is here since some time. Well, with 2018 almost getting over and we are waiting for the dawn of latest technology that is said to change the way we communicate all together. It will benefit our communication, IoT devices, self-driving cars, and drones to virtual reality, almost everything that we can think of.

Since 5G said to be able to offer connectivity up to 20 Gbps which is almost 100 times faster than the current generation mobile connectivity online gaming would be a breeze too and is predicted to cover 40% of the global population by 2024.

However, 5G is designed to be versatile to accommodate a wide range of requirements. Since it would be totally different from the existing 4G technology, we would need a different set of devices to get the maximum out of the 5G connectivity. We have been hearing a lot of manufacturers talking about their upcoming 5G capable devices.

So we’ve compiled a list of 5G smartphones set to launch in 2019 and will keep updating the list as in when there is a new announcement.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

The first one to the list is Samsung’s flagship smartphone Galaxy S10. It’s one of the first in the line not only because it’s a Samsung’s phone but also for the fact that Qualcomm’s first 5G enabled SoC Snapdragon 8150 is expected to be first seen on this phone only.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is supposed to be the first major release of 2019 and is expected to debut in February next year. We've created a detailed article around the expected specifications, pricing, features and the launch date of Samsung Galaxy S10, read it here.

Honor’s Un-named phone - February 2019

Huawei’s sub-brand Honor has been doing really good on its own of late. It is rumored that Honor is set to announce a 5G phone at the MWC 2019. Since Huawei and Honor use in-house Kirin processors, they do not need to wait for the availability of Qualcomm’s 5G chipset hence it could be an updated Honor Magic 2 which may make a global debut at the MWC 2019. Though Honor’s phone may not make it to the United States, one of the first few countries to get 5G before anyone.

Huawei Mate F Foldable Phone – February 2019

Time and again Huawei’s executives have said that Huawei will reveal its foldable phone at MWC 2019 and it will come with 5G capabilities. We also heard rumors that Huawei’s foldable phone is ready and has been shown to South Korean telecom companies.

The phone is expected to be pricey and no prizes for guessing that as well. Click here to read more about Huawei’s foldable smartphone.

Huawei P30 Pro - April 2019

Right after MWC, it could be the third phone from the company which may come with 5G capabilities. If the P20 Pro brought one the best cameras on a smartphone, ever, then wait for the P30 Pro to unleash more magic. Though not much is knows about this phone, yet, but we can expect a triple or Quadruple camera set up along with 5G connectivity.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 5G - March/April 2019

Though Xiaomi is mostly known for it’s budget Android smartphones, however, its Mi Mix series is equally loved overseas. The Chinese company did showcase a Mi Mix 3 running on a 5G network thanks to a modified chipset. Once Qualcomm announces the Snapdragon 8150, Xiaomi could launch an updated version of Mi Mix 3 for the European and the US market.

Moto Z3 5G - March/April 2019

Motorola of all the brands has already tested 5G publically thanks to its 5G MOTO Mod for its MOTO Z3 along with Verizon in the US. The 5G Mod is a snap-on modular cover which offers 5G connectivity via Qualcomm’s X50 5G modem. However. Motorola is said to announce the actual Motorola Z3 5G phone around March or April next year.

LG V45 (Sprint) - H1 2019

LG has already announced that it is working with the US telecom operator Sprint to bring out its first 5G mobile phone. Though Sprint will merge with T-Mobile soon, however that could only result in better connectivity and services. On the other hand, people directly involved in the project, suggest that LG’s first 5G phone will look totally different from the others and “will be easily identifiable as a 5G device.

OnePlus – May 2019

OnePlus’s case is the most interesting one. The company launches 2 flagships a year each 6 months apart with iterative updates. Users are always in a dilemma to buy the base version or the “T” version. Now to add to the confusion, OnePlus has announced that it is coming up with another series for the 5G version and the first phone would be costlier than the OnePlus 6T.

OnePlus’ CEO Pete Lau has confirmed that the 5G Phone would be available next year in the European market first and could be announced sometime in the month of May 2019.

Vivo NEX S2 - H1 2019

Vivo, unlike many other brands, has been actively pushing the boundaries of innovation of late. Earlier this year they revealed the in-display fingerprint sensor and a pop-up selfie camera offering a true bezel-less immersive experience. Sometime back Vivo showcased a modified NEX S which was able to run 5G networks.

Some reports suggest that Vivo may announce an updated version of NEX S during the late first half of 2019. However, a recent report has suggested that Vivo is planning to launch commercial 5G devices only by 2020, so we will have to wait and watch.

OPPO Find X2 - H1 2019

Like Vivo, even OPPO is said to launch 5G OPPO Find X phone around the first half in 2019. The company recently tested 5G on a modified R15 and is not reported to be working on OPPO Find X 2, an updated version of its 2018 flagship. It is reported that the phone could launch around Mid 2019 like the Vivo’s phone.

There are rumors that even OPPO is working on a foldable 5G device that could launch in MWC 2019. However, let's see which phone gets launched first.

ZTE Nubia 5G Phone - H1 2019

ZTE was the first one to showcase a 5G device in MWC 2017, however, the company seems to be working aggressively towards launching a 5G phone in Mid 2019. This could be either a modified or an updated ZTE Nubia X, a dual display phone launched recently in China.

Samsung Foldable (Galaxy F/X) - H2 2019

Samsung’s much awaited foldable phone was displayed a few days back. However, the phone is said to be launched commercially only next year. Another highlight of the phone is that it will be a 5G ready phone. By the looks of it, the phone could be a very costly one, however, as it is the first generation of such a device it is bound to be very costly.

Talking about the launch date, the Galaxy F/X it is expected to be commercially available in the second half of 2019.

MOTO Z4 – July/August 2019

Apart from the modified Moto Z3 which may launch in the first half of 2019, Motorola is said to launch another 5G smartphone codenamed 'Odin' and this could be the Moto Z4. The phone is set to launch in the third Quarter of 2019, if everything goes as per the plan.

HTC Exodus – July/August 2019

Even though HTC seems to be in trouble at the moment, it has clarified that smartphones are its core business and they will continue making smartphones. The company is working on a 5G smartphone slated to launch in 2019. It is rumored that this 5G phone from HTC could be an upgraded variant of its Block Chain phone Exodus and may be called as Exodus 2. It is said to be unveiled in Q3 2019.

Google Pixel 4- H2 2019

While Google was ridiculed for the design on the third generation Pixel devices and also for the buggy software, it is all geared up for unveiling a 5G phone next year. Hopefully, Google will learn from the mistakes that it made during the recent release.

In fact, the leaks coming out right now suggest that Google has indeed re-worked on the design of the upcoming phone however since these are leaks and there is a lot of time in the unveiling of the phone, we can’t tell yet. Also, Google is said to be working on a budget Android device called as Pixel 3 Lite, however, since it is said to house a mid-segment SoC, it is unlikely to have 5G capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Like the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy F/X, the Samsung Note 10 will also be a 5G device. The phone will be announced in October 2010 and will be Samsung’s second flagship of the year. It will come with top of the line specs and features. We will have a separate article talking about Samsung Galaxy Note 10 features, specifications, and leaks.

Apple iPhone 11 - H2 2019

Apple’s only entry to the list could be nothing but its next-generation iPhones. It is said that Apple is working on a 5G iPhone however it is not very clear as to when will it be launched. Some speculations suggest that the 5G iPhone may only be launched in 2020 while other suggest that due the poor sales of the current generation iPhones, Apple may be forced to bring in drastic changes in the next generation of iPhones and 5G connectivity could be a part of this change.


Other brands like Lenovo, Nokia, Asus etc. are also in various stages of developing their 5G smartphones. Brands which are making gaming phones may also get a lot of advantage from 5G connectivity. So, expecting an upgraded and more powerful phone from the likes of Razer, Black Shark, Nubia Red Magic, and Asus, won’t be too much, right?

Btw, do let us know which upcoming 5G phone excites you the most?



All 5G smartphones expected to launch in 2019
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