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Samsung showcases home robots and wearable exoskeleton at CES 2019

08 January 2019 3

At the CES 2019, the South Korean giant Samsung announced new laptops, home appliances, OLED TVs but the element of surprise in the Samsung's press event was surely a preview of Samsung home robots. The company showcases a number of home robots which is certainly a new addition to Samsung's rich portfolio of home appliances. The Samsung Bot Care working prototype was even showcased at the stage.

From the look of the things, Samsung is working efficiently on the robotics department as well. At the CES event, the company showcases Bot Care, Samsung Gem (wearable exoskeleton), Samsung Bot Air and Bot Retail. As the name suggests the Bot Care is a health care robot which not only takes care of patient medications, checks basic vitals and also give briefings regarding the patient health status. The Bot Care is certainly not one of its kind but it could a great addition to health care robots.

Samsung showcased a couple of more robots as well including Bot Air which will monitor the air quality of the home and will update a user in case of disparity. Last but not the least Samsung Bot Retail was showcased, it will be an in-store assistant for users in retail stores.

Apart from home robots the company also revealed Bot Gems which is actually a wearable exoskeleton. The exoskeleton is a motorized suit which allows the user to lift heavy items easily. The LG's CLOi SuitBot also works in the same manner. As far as the launch and release is a concern, the company is silent regarding their plans of releasing the aforementioned products commercially. However, as the company previewed robots it is clear indication the final product's release may not take a longer period.

Do share your views regarding the Samsung new home robots and exoskeleton in the comments section below. Stay tuned for more CES news.



Samsung showcases home robots and wearable exoskeleton at CES 2019
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And the Bot Retail is another interesting offering from Samsung, helping in retail stores. What will they work like? Help the buyers at the counter and shelves, I mean?

MarkJosh AliceSmith

On one hand we have a growing number of online purchases and on the other companies are developing special robots for helping buyers in the retail stores... contradictory, but interesting!


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