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Vivo Apex 2019 vs Meizu Zero: How two holeless phones compete each other?

29 January 2019 5

A few days two Chinese OEMs Meizu and Vivo took the stage to announce their latest best phones in terms of design. It's no mystery that smartphone manufacturers are trying to enhance the screen-to-body from the last couple of years since Xiaomi introduced Mi Mix with minimal bezels.

Vivo and Meizu stepped up their design game by introducing Apex 2019 and Zero respectively. Apart from having great screen-to-body ratio both the phones lacks physical buttons, opening for connectivity ports and speaker grills. The Apex 2019 is currently Vivo's concept but its commercial model will be released under different branding in the next few months. Undoubtedly both the phones are bringing the futuristic design with the best possible cleanest look. Both the companies introduced new technologies as a replacement of physical buttons on the edges.

Although both the phones are yet not released everyone is keen to know what both holeless phones are bringing on board. Both have different goodies to attract customers, today we will put both the phones in head-to-head comparison on the basis of specs sheet to know more regarding the latest innovative phones. Without any further delay, let's kick off with the design.


Both the companies opted seamless design language without any cutout for ports, speakers and even doesn't have physical buttons for power and volume. It seems like Apex 2019 took the lead being more minimalistic than the Meizu Zero. The Apex 2019 bezels are almost none from all edges, surprisingly the company didn't unveil whether the Apex 2019 has a pop-up selfie camera like its predecessor or not. The company could ditch the selfie snapper as well. Although both the phones lack traditional ports, the Apex 2019 comes with Magport on the rear for connectivity and charging.

On the other hand, Meizu Zero comes with 18W wireless charging. For data transfer, it features wireless USB 3.0. As far as ports are a concern, the Meizu Zero is truly portless phone. Both the phones have a full front-facing display without any notch. For the front-facing speaker, both the devices opted ‘Body SoundCasting’ tech.

The Vivo Apex 2019 is an all-glass unibody design phone, the dual rear cameras are placed as two separate modules. Both the sensors and LED flashlight is embedded in the body. Meizu Zero has protruding dual cameras setup on the rear aligned vertically in the center. Both the sensors are united in one protruding setup. Another important aspect is unlike Apex 2019, the Meizu Zero rear flashlight is quite prominent and part of the body.

As far as the build quality is a concern, the Meizu Zero takes lead due to being the final product with the ceramic back. The company confirmed Meizu Zero is an IP68 certified phone but that's not the case with Apex 2019.

As a replacement to traditional physical volume and power controllers, both the edges of the phone are pressure sensitive. Meizu Zero pressure sensing buttons also give haptic feedback whereas the Vivo Apex 2019 buttons provide capacitive touch.

Under-glass fingerprint scanner

Last year Vivo takes lead by introducing the first phone with an under-glass fingerprint scanner. Since then the technology improves and also many companies launched phones with the in-glass scanner. This year Vivo stepped up their game even further by introducing all display fingerprint scanner. Although it is still in the dark whether it covers the entire display or not but it is certainly a great addition from Vivo. The Meizu Zero also comes with an under-glass fingerprint scanner which works on a specific area which means it isn't as advanced as the Apex 2019.


From what we know so far both the phones feature an AMOLED display panel. However, the exact resolution and display sizes are still in the dark. Both the devices feature piezoelectric transductor which doubles the display panel into the speaker. In terms of looks, the prominent difference is regarding the bezels around the display. The Meizu Zero display is of 5.9-inches but the screen resolution is still in the dark.

The Vivo Apex 2019 bezels are extremely thin around the edges whereas the Meizu Zero has prominent bezel at the top and bottom of the display. Due to thinner bezels, the Apex 2019 looks cleaner and futuristic than the competitor.


In the hardware department, the Vivo Apex 2019 takes lead by opting the latest best hardware straight out of the box. So if you are looking for more productive phone which can handle heavy multi-tasking, HIFI games and fast User experience the Apex 2019 is a better option.

Under the hood, the Apex 2019 is powered up by the Qualcomm's Octa-core Snapdragon 855 chipset built on the first gen 7nm process. The Octa-core chipset is accompanied with 12GB RAM and 256GB storage. It also has X50 5G modem for 5G connectivity. On the other hand, the Meizu Zero is powered up by the Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 chipset. The details regarding RAM and storage are in dark. As far as the software is a concern none of the company revealed the OS version but most likely both the phones will be pre-installed with Android Pie straight out of the box.


At the launch event both the companies didn't spill beans regarding the camera's setup. It is still not confirmed whether Apex 2019 has pop-up selfie camera or not. The images confirm the device has dual cameras on the rear but the resolution and features are in the dark. Meizu Zero comes with dual rear cameras of 20MP+12MP, however, the functionality is still not confirmed. We will have to wait until the companies reveal more details regarding the cameras on the front and rear.


Both the phones are regarded as holeless phones without any traditional port that's why it is interesting for many how both phones charge. Unfortunately, both the phones battery size is still in the dark that's why we can't confirm how much the devices will last on a single charge. Meizu Zero comes with Qi wireless charging support which isn't amongst the fastest wireless charging tech. The Apex 2019 features Magport which has a magnetic connector on the rear body for charging and transferring of data.


At the moment it's too early to claim which smartphone is better amongst the Apex 2019 and Meizu Zero. We are yet not clear regarding the cameras, OS, battery and even details of chipset, RAM and storage options. The companies reveal few key hardware details but the complete details are still in the dark. In terms of looks, the Vivo Apex 2019 takes lead due to its more futuristic design with none bezel around the edges and body embedded rear cameras.

In the hardware department, the Meizu Zero is an upper mid-range phone whereas the Apex 2019 commercial variant will have flagship level hardware. Unfortunately, the pricing of both the devices is also in the dark but considering the specs sheet, the Meizu Zero will cost significantly lower than the Apex 2019(commercial model).

Which smartphone amongst the Vivo Apex 2019 and Meizu Zero would you like to have as your next companion? Feel free to share your views with fellow readers in the comments section below. Stay tuned for more comparisons in coming days.



Vivo Apex 2019 vs Meizu Zero: How to holeless phones compete each other?
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