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Apple iPhones to offer better underwater photography : Report

01 April 2019 3

Current generation flagship smartphones give most point and shoot cameras a run for their money and Apple wants to only take this a step ahead. Reports suggest that the next-gen iPhones may offer better underwater photography. As per a recently published patent report, Apple is working on a totally new camera design for iPhone which will improve underwater photography.

The new patent isn’t simply targeted to make the regular mobile phone camera to work underwater, in fact, it lists several advanced updates that makes the camera take amazing photos when the phone is submerged underwater.

The patent is about optimizing underwater photography with the phone automatically identifying its submerged state when the shutter is pressed. The new patent suggests that the camera and its sensor gather light information, depth information, detects murkiness, and automatically figures out the distance of objects and adjusts important stuff like illumination, filters, etc accordingly.

Apple’s patent calls it “submersible electronic device” and the patent diagram which uses a phone, hints at a future iPhone with underwater imaging capability. The patent not only hints about an iPhone but also extends the scope to cover various other devices like watches, headphones, and smart glasses.

Current generation iPhones can be used up to a depth of 6.5 feet for a maximum for 30 minutes, but the patent suggests an improvement of up to 160 feet. This does sound interesting since one of the best action cameras in the market, GoPro Hero 7 isn’t even designed to operate at this level of depth.

While this news is interesting but like any other patent, there is no guarantee that this feature will ever make to the upcoming phones. Though it does give a glimpse of what Apple is planning, in terms of iPhone cameras.



Apple iPhones to offer better underwater photography : Report
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So many things the new phone will be doing? There are light info and depth info, murkiness detection, as well as identifying the distance of the objects and adjusting the filters... It's quite a huge long list.


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