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Samsung working on a few dual-fold display devices: Reports

23 April 2019 4

Samsung’s most ambitious project the Galaxy Fold may have had a start that no one ever wants. The global launch events have been postponed until the time the company works on the folding display issues that have rocked the brand since the time these were reported by the media last week.

While a lot of people are of an opinion that Samsung might've hurried through to bring the new age technology before the product was even ready, however, this doesn’t stop the brand from working on new designs. The South Korean company is said to be working on a couple of devices with a dual foldable design.

These devices are reported to be measuring 8-inch and 13-inch when stretched out. A Korean publication, The Bell calls these designs as G-type and S-type, where the alphabets denote the shape of the screen when folded.

The images suggest that the larger of the two said devices with 13-inch display might be the S-type foldable tablet and the smaller one with an 8-inch display may have a G-type foldable display. Though not much is known about the function of these displays as of now, it looks like the G-type may leave an active secondary display at the back when folded, while the S-type may not.

Another such report that came out sometime back mentioned the existence of a foldable display phone with a clamshell design which covers the entire display once folded, similar to the Galaxy Fold.

There is no clarity as to when these devices will make their way to the market. And since these are just patents, let us take them with a pinch of salt.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold isn't still available. To be notified when it becomse available click here.



Samsung working on a few dual-fold display devices: Reports
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Looking at what Samsung is going through with the Galaxy Fold, it doesn't sound wrong to feel that Samsung has hurried in introducing the foldable phone.


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