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Pokémon Go creators should obtain permits to be played in Milwaukee

07 February 2017 5

A month after the game was sort of banned from using in China due to security concerns, the game seems to be up on the news again as it leads to unrest among the citizens of Milwaukee in the lines of causing damage to the city.

According to an ordinance issued by the Milwaukee County Board, augmented reality games like that of Pokémon Go would need to obtain permits so as to use parks and locations as much public interest as their in-game landmarks. But this is not to be confused with the times the app was banned completely in a town in France. The ordinance is sort of a caution, the developers Niantic need to take upon to make sure Pokémon hunting doesn’t turn out to be messy.

Last year the Milwaukee County Parks Department charged Niantic for being responsible for damages to one of its city parks as Pokémon players made a mess out of the place by leaving behind piles of trash and beer cans. But the charge went in vain as Niantic had convinced otherwise.

Earlier last month, Pokémon Go achieved an incredible feat when they grossed out over $950 million by being the fastest game to do so. Not just that it went on to be the change that the world needed by making people more active, be outside and explore places in a more fun way, thus managing to wrap up 200k trips around the world.



Pokémon Go creators should obtain permits to be played in Milwaukee
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The game of Pokémon in itself is a difficult game if the legalities are taken into account. For example, you need GPS connection active, which means the location can be traced easily, etc. and all the reasons in the ban exercised in China.


How correct would it be to hold Niantic responsible if players are creating a mess at places when they are hunting Pokemons. It's the players who have to show responsibility towards the way they play the game.


Pokemon as a game is great, but there are a lot of security hazards associated with it, which doesn't go well with it. I am not talking about what's mentioned in the story, but hazards, such as to the player when he moves around for searching Pokemons.


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