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LEGO Mosaic Maker prints your photo for you to make a LEGO out of it

20 February 2017 0

Remember the number of hours we would spend during our holidays making a picture or building something else with LEGO. Here’s something that might make you feel like a child again. The LEGO store in London just opened a LEGO Mosaic Maker photo booth, the only of its kind in the whole world.

The Mosaic Maker photo booth in itself is made of LEGO bricks. If you pay up 99 pounds, you’ll get a card which would read LEGO Mosaic Maker Experience Card, the use of which would let you click a picture inside the booth. One you get in, you’d get more than just one attempt to get your picture clicked the best way and then the Mosaic Maker prints out your spooky photo along with a full set of pre-assembled bricks.

The Mosaic kit features 4,502 individual pieces in a five color spectrum of which you need just 2,304 pieces to finish your portrait. Once you have that and the photo with you, it’s up to you on how much time it might take to make a LEGO of yourself but save yourself at least 3 hours before starting to work on it. When done, you’d be surprised to see how cool the LEGO build looks.



LEGO Mosaic Maker prints your photo for you to make a LEGO out of it
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