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Google Assistant gets new voices, continued conversation and Google Duplex at I/O 2018

08 May 2018 4

Google kickoff I/O 2018 with a number of new announcements. As expected Google brought a refreshing change to their much loved Google Assistant. The new change is related to voices and many other new features which surely a welcome change everyone would appreciate. Now your Google Assistant powered Google Home speakers or smartphones will have six different voices. Google announces this feature at the I/O 2018 and the best thing is one of the voice amongst these will be of well-known singer John Legend.

Not everyone like every voice Google is offering the flexibility of choosing different voices for different users. In this way, your Assistant will respond differently to different users. One of the users can talk to John Legend and you can assign different voice for your kids. All you need to train the Google Assistant so that it can recognize your cadence easily when you speak. If we include current two male and female voices the Google Assistant will be available in more than 8 voices.

Google adopted the technology "Wavenet" which allows the device to better understand your conversation. This will certainly help out users to better interact with Google Assistant as it can easily identify. All the new voices will be rolled out later in 2018. Google CEO confirmed the current female voice codenamed as Holly.

Scott Huffman confirms that Google Assistant is now supported by more than 40 car brands and more than 5000 smart home devices are connected to it. The company also confirmed Google Assistant grows 3 times since it announced for the Indian users. The Google Assistant will be further expanded to 80 more countries in 30 different languages. Google Assistant is currently powering more than 500 million devices across the globe.

Google confirms the arrival of Google Assistant for Google Maps later in summer in this year. Google Assistant will be more visually interactive, initially, it will be rolled out for Android and later for the iOS users. Another new feature introduced is dubbed as New food pickup and delivery in which Google joins hand with a number of partners to deliver food on the go.

Other new features include continued conversation, now you don't have to say "Hey Google" repeatedly during the conversation. Thanks to improved natural conversation capability the Google Assistant now supports Multiple Actions at once, you can ask many things at once now. A couple of months ago Google announced six different routines, now you will be allowed to create your own routine with the Google Assistant.

Last but not the least Google Assistant will now make calls for you. Yes, what you read is absolutely right. Google announces a new technology dubbed as Google Duplex which will let the Google Assistant make calls and set appointments for you. It can even buy tickets online for you by making a reservation call. This will also help out businesses to better handle calls related to booking. All you need to just provide your Google Assistant details regarding appointment so that it can better coordinate with your schedule. Once the Google Assistant reserved an appointment for you, it will set a reminder as well so that you can reach on time or cancel it.



Google gets new voices, continued conversation and visual experiences at I/O 2018
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