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What to expect at Apple WWDC 2018?

02 June 2018 5

Traditionally Apple holds developers conference every year to showcase their new development in the software and also sometimes the company took the stage to reveal new technologies to facilitate developers in building innovative apps. The Cupertino giant calls the annual developers conference as World Wide Developers Conference. Even though the event is meant for developers but the consumers are also invited as well.

Usually at the Keynote the company not only announce exciting products for developers but also for consumers as well. Last year Apple announced iOS 11, WatchOS 4, MacOS High Sierra for developers whereas for consumers the company showcased new variant of iPad Pro with 10.5-inches display and HomePod. This year's WWDC conference is just around the corner that's why today we will round up all the details we know so far regarding the event.

We are hopeful this roundup will certainly help you a better understanding what to expect at this year WWDC and also how to watch the event live from Cupertino giant's hometown.

WWDC 2018 Schedule

This year WWDC event will be held in San Jose CA from June 4th to June 8th. The Keynote will start at 10 am PST on June 4 at the McEnery Convention Center. Another important aspect is this year once again Apple held an event near their new complex instead of San Francisco like 2017. So if you want to hear the latest updates from Apple, mark your calendar and set a reminder for June 4.

How to watch Live streaming of WWDC 208?

Apple already confirmed the event will be live streamed via the official site. Apple TV, iPad, and iPhone owners can watch live streaming through the official WWDC app as well. The keynote speech will end in two hours. If you don't own any Apple device you can still watch the event on Windows 10 running machines.

What to expect?

This is certainly the most important question regarding the WWDC as everyone is keen to know what Apple is cooking inside for the WWDC 2018. From what we know so far this year Apple will be announcing iOS 12, WatchOS 5, MacOS 10.14 and a new version of TvOS. Apart from these software upgrades, the company is expected to announce new MacBook, iPads and a cheaper HomePod. Let's have a look at all aforementioned products one by one.

iOS 12

One of the major announcement at the WWDC 2018 certainly will be the regarding the new version of iOS. Last year at WWDC Apple introduced iOS 11 as the next major update, the update brought iMessages syncing to the iCloud, revamped camera, Apple Siri and Pay apps. The control center was also revamped with a new look and features. As far as next major update is a concern the update most likely will be announced as iOS 12.

The first addition expected to be the inclusion of new Animoji characters for the iPhone X. Last year one of the key few features for the iPhone X users was Animoji, it uses depth-sensing front-facing camera to 3D map your face to create live Emoji. The Animoji will be integrated into FaceTime as well so that users can use it like Snapchat lense during the chat. The Apps menu is also expected to be redesigned to provide a new visual look.

In last year or so the AI integration is becoming pretty important as the Android OEMs are now using AI not only for personal Assistant but also in cameras as well. We can expect Apple will also integrate Siri deeper to provide better and enhanced AI Assistant experience. Other improvements will be related to parental controls and stability improvements.

We also heard that Apple may introduce new functionality allowing developers to create single apps for different platforms. This will certainly save a lot of development time to create a single app for iPads, iPhones and Mac devices. The Home screen redesign was initially reported for the iOS 12 but the company delayed it to focus more on under the hood changes to enhance performance. As far as the final release is a concern the first iPhone with iOS will be released later in fall this year.

MacOS 10.14

Last year Apple didn't bring a new major version of the MacOS instead the company brought a major upgrade to MacOS Sierra as High Sierra. Apple executive soon after the announcement confirms the major improvements in the High Sierra update are related to deep tech. With the High Sierra Apple brought File System and support for different video standards.

However this year all eyes are on the next major update with a new version. At the moment only support for cross-platform is rumored regarding the MacOS 10.14, other details are still in dark.

WatchOS 5

At the WWDC 2017, Apple brought a number of new features to the Watch OS including diary notifications, new Watch faces and much more. The music app of WatchOS was also refined. Apple focuses heavily on the fitness features as far as Apple WatchOS is a concern that's why WatchOS 4 brought few more fitness-related features. Apple most likely will introduce new WatchOS version at this year's WWDC. Last year despite the fact it was announced at the WWDC in June, the company rolled it out to Apple Watch owners later in September. So we can expect same will be the case this year with the WatchOS 5.

TvOS 12

Last year was pretty great for the Apple TV owners because the company announced their settlement with the Amazon and also the inclusion of Amazon video app for the Apple TV Box. This certainly makes the Apple Box more attractive than ever. This year Apple will be introducing TvOS 12 with mainly focused on original TV Programming. During this year Apple confirmed they will spend around $1 billion on the original TV Programming.

New MacBook and iMacs

Last year Apple brings a huge upgrade to their iMac lineup to ensure it doesn't lag behind in the market. The machine iMac Pro was launched as one of the powerful machines in the market for the Pro users. There are fair chances Apple may upgrade their iMac lineup this year once again at WWDC. However, you can't expect a new Pro variant because the latest gen is just six months old as it was released back in December 2017.

As per the recent report from DigiTimes, the Cupertino giant is allegedly working on a new MacBook variant with 13.3-inches display. It will be a toned down MacBook with entry-level hardware. The device reportedly will go official in the second half of this year and most likely at WWDC 2018.

New iPad models

At the WWDC 2017, Apple introduced iPad Pro with 10.5-inches display. It was announced as successor variant of iPad Air 2. In terms of looks, it was quite close to iPad Pro with a larger display and thin bezels. At the launch, Apple stated the new iPad brings every loveable aspect of older variant and brings a lot more to be loveable. This year we heard Apple will be announcing a couple of new iPads and one of them with 11-inches display will go official at WWDC.

Cheaper HomePod

Last year Apple finally joined the race of music system by introducing HomePod speaker at the WWDC. As expected it is relatively new and only available in three major markets in the US, UK, and Australia but still, we have rumors of a new cheaper Homepod is in the works. The cheaper model of HomePod will be released later this year so the company could use WWDC stage to showcase it to the world.

In the end, we would like to hear our readers thoughts regarding the WWDC 2018 and if you feel we missed any product, do share it with us in the comments section below. Stay tuned.



What to expect at Apple WWDC 2018?
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If Apple is going to make available cheaper HomePods, nothing like it. News had come out about this. But nothing's certain until Apple makes it official.


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