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Samsung Galaxy Fold new launch date to be announced by tomorrow, says CEO

09 May 2019 4

Samsung which unveiled the revolutionary Galaxy Fold smartphone earlier this year has been facing nothing but problems. The company had given the device to early reviewers ahead of launch, however, a number of them have reported problems with the device.

Samsung had reportedly canceled the April launch event for the Galaxy Fold due to hardware issues. Now according to a new report, CEO Dong-jin Koh said that it "has reviewed the defect caused from substances [entering the device] and we will reach a conclusion [about the launch] today or tomorrow."

The company will reveal a new US launch date for the Galaxy Fold by tomorrow. Koh also added that "we will not be too late" for the launch of the phone. If Samsung is unable to launch the device by May 31st, to will have to refund US pre-orders for the smartphone which costs over $1,980.

The Galaxy Fold created a lot of excitement and immediately sold out in the US. The device was originally expected to launch on April 26th, however, reviewers soon discovered that the device was fragile and the screen gap allowed debris to enter the display, causing tears as well as other issues. iFixit stated that the Fold was "alarmingly fragile" in a review which was later pulled. Samsung had delayed the April launch event saying it needed "further improvements" and more time to "evaluate this feedback and run further internal tests."

Now Samsung has stated that it has done internal testing of the device, and is making manufacturing changes to prevent further issues. It has stated that it is reinforcing the hinge to increase Galaxy Fold’s durability, as well as reducing the gap between the bezels, to prevent debris from entering the device.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold isn't still available. To be notified when it becomse available click here.



Samsung Galaxy Fold new launch date to be announced by tomorrow, says CEO
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It was really a matter of concern for Samsung regarding the Galaxy Fold some two weeks back. Looks like they are more than ready to again go for the kill.


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