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Google Stadia early impressions show players loving the service already

26 August 2019 0

Alongside announcing the new game titles of the Google Stadia, Google also allowed some eager players to get their hands-on on the newest gaming service at Gamescom 2019 event. Google offered some demos to the players to get their genuine feedbacks in return and know what they think of the service and if they like it. And how could it not brag the early impressions, especially when every feedback given is positive? Google has shared short clips of the experiences on Twitter to make the outer world more curious about the service.

Those who got a chance to experience the new game streaming service found it smooth, shiny, and beautiful. Some even said that the experience was fluid that you could never tell it was streaming. It was as good as playing on a PC. One more player said that you don’t have to be up to date with your hardware as Google Stadia streams online.

In another video shared on Twitter, Google asked some players where’s the weirdest play they might want to play Stadia in their lives. The early players gave some interesting answers, like University, at work when the boss is away, and even at the cinema, thanks to the nature of Stadia that allows you to play it anywhere without the hassle of any extra hardware.

One of the users reports on Twitter that Stadia came out better than expected in terms of latency. “Noticed a couple of drops, but I don’t think the average player would notice unless they are looking specifically for them.” Another user experiences no noticeable lag while playing Mortal Kombat, however, there was some intermittent loss of clarity.

Google Stadia is set to arrive later this year and before this, the game streaming service has acquired some precious testimonials already. The service lets you play games by streaming them on any device, provided you’re on a good internet connection if not great even. Google recommends a minimum 10Mbps connection for 720p streaming and above it, the service supports a range of resolutions and internet speeds.

Google has taken the good opportunity of the Gamescom event in Cologne, Germany by letting people experience the service for the first time. But it should be noted that the demos were given in a controlled environment set up by Google itself and gaming enthusiasts will rather be more interested in knowing the real-life status of the game streaming service.



Google Stadia early impressions show players loving the service already
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