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Realme MagDart magnetic wireless flash charging tech and devices unveiled

04 August 2021 0

Realme has finally introduced the much-rumored MagDart Magnetic Wireless Fast Charging tech. To showcase the newest tech, the company has launched a range of new products, including chargers, power banks. It used a concept phone called Realme Flash as a device for demonstration and touted it to be the first Android phone to feature magnetic wireless charging.

Realme has announced a 50W MagDart Wireless Charger, a 15W MagDart Charger, a MagDart Power Bank, a MagDart Wallet, along with a few other accessories that work with MagDart technology.

Talking first about the 50W MagDart Wireless Charger, it comes in a cuboid shape and sticks to the back of the phone to provide it fast-charging wirelessly. The charger itself is corded so to draw the power for itself and deliver it to the phone.

The product is capable of delivering a 50W charging speed and is claimed to be the fastest magnetic wireless charger. It also features a compact cooling fan so to keep itself cool as it might get heat up while delivering faster speeds to the phone. Currently, it works only with Realme Flash, a concept phone that is not available to the public.

The Realme 15W charger utilizing the company’s MagDart fast-charging tech comes in a puck-like shape. It is just 3.9mm thick and has the same charging speed as Apple’s MagSafe. As per Realme’s claims, it can charge the device to 100% in mere 90 minutes.

Realme touts MagDart uses the most advanced Boron & Cobalt Magnet that maintains a maximum level of strength with only 0.1% of magnesium decay. It claims these super-thin magnets in the chargers can hold objects weighing up to 0.5Kgs.

The third product making use of Realme’s MagDart wireless charging is a power bank. As pretty evident from the name itself, the company has made the new and powerful MagDart technology in a portable power bank as well. It is a small product but enough to charge the Realme Flash and charge it wirelessly. Interestingly, it supports two-way charging so the power bank itself can be placed on a wireless charger to get itself charged. Realme claims it has a high-quality aluminum alloy frame.

Realme has also designed a special Charging Base that works as a vertical charging station. Realme claims the product is not only useful for home-stayers but to people on the go as well.

In terms of accessories, Realme has launched MagDart Wallet and the MagDart Beauty Light. They are attachments that stick to the phone. The MagDart Wallet is said to be made with hard-wearing white vegan leather and holds up to three cards. It also has a kick-stand built-in.

The MagDart Beauty Light comes with a light ‘ring’ that has 60 LEDs and flips up to illuminate your face while taking selfies. It just snaps onto the phone and works using wireless charging.

Lastly, there is a MagDart Case launched for Realme GT as well that makes it compatible with magnetic wireless charging.

It is unclear when the MagDart chargers and accessories will hit the shelves and how much they will cost



Realme MagDart magnetic wireless flash charging tech and devices unveiled
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