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Google Assistant on feature phones running KaiOS is losing some basic features

31 August 2021 0

KaiOS pulls in some smartphone features and pushes them to the keypad feature phones to make them worthy in today’s scenario. You might not get all the "smart" features, but still, KaiOS manages to let you experience some fundamentals. One of the interesting built-in features that these keypad-equipped feature phones have in them is Google Assistant.

The voice-based assistant has been acting as a great help for its users as they are able to perform some tasks with mere voice commands. Some of the basic functionality of Google Assistant integrated with KaiOS include calling someone, sending text messages, opening an app, doing a search on Google Maps or Google, and so on. But unfortunately, Google Assistant is losing two basic functionalities.

As per several reports, Google Assistant in KaiOS-powered feature phones is not able to make calls or send messages to the contacts stored on the phones.

Upon commanding Google Assistant on feature phones to make a call to someone, it responds with, “Sorry, I can’t make calls/send messages yet.” Previously, it would just do the necessary with responses like: “Ok, calling [name of the contact].”

This issue reportedly arrived in mid-April across a wide range of KaiOS devices, including those from Nokia. One of the recent buyers of the Nokia 2720 V Flip also contacted the manufacturer and received the following response –

Due to recent changes implemented by Google, feature phones running on KaiOS will experience limited functionality with Google Assistant. Calling and sending SMS messages to your contacts using Google Assistant are no longer supported. Other Google Assistant features currently work as normal.

It is unfortunate to see Google Assistant losing these two basic features. Existing feature phone users used to rely on this feature as it came a bit handy over typing on a T9 keypad. Giving command to the phone to send someone a text was indeed a better way over traditional typing. It is unknown whether or not Google will bring back this functionality in the near future.



Google Assistant on feature phones running KaiOS is losing some basic features
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