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Microsoft's 2019 Xbox One to come without disc support | Report

19 November 2018 2

Microsoft is reportedly working on a new kind of Xbox One console which would come without any support for discs. This is being reported by Thurrott citing sources familiar to the matter. It mentions that such an Xbox One is likely to arrive in 2019 with the goal of reducing the starting price.

It is being said that excluding a Blu-Ray player will bring down the Xbox One pricing significantly. A brand new Xbox One currently starts at $299 but with a disc-less Xbox, Microsoft is hoping to make it cost $200 or less. There is even a possibility that it might cost as low as $100 which will definitely be a boost for anyone interested in buying a new console but not being able to afford the current models.

For those who already own physical Xbox One games, Microsoft is considering working on a program that will allow them to convert their physical copies into digital ones. One of the possible ways of doing so is to allow physical owners to walk into a participating retail store and get a digital download code in exchange for the physical copy. This program is said to be named 'disc-to-digital' which is self-explanatory.

Although, Microsoft will also be releasing new Xbox One variants with disc support. This is because Microsoft understands that there are users who still prefer physical copies over digital downloads. Additionally, it will be beneficial for those who have slow internet download speeds.



Microsoft's 2019 Xbox One to come without disc support | Report
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