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PlayStation 5 official specs: 8K support, SSDs, ray tracing, 3D audio, and more

17 April 2019 2

There is no doubt that the Sony PlayStation 5 is currently the most anticipated upcoming gaming console. The rumor mill has been full of leaks and speculations but for the first time, Sony has officially revealed some of the crucial details. These revelations have been made by PlayStation team's lead system architect Mark Cerny in an exclusive conversation with Wired.

The first thing to keep in mind is that Sony has not decided an official name for the console yet or at least they are not ready to make it public yet. Cerny chose to refer to it as "next-gen console" but considering the trend so far, it is likely to be called the PlayStation 5 which is what we will be calling it for now.

As per the revealed details, Sony has big plans for the PlayStation 5 as it is not going to be an incremental upgrade like it happened with the PS4 Pro after the release of original PS4. The upcoming console will feature an octa-core AMD CPU based on Ryzen line (3rd Gen) and 7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture. It will have a custom GPU based on Radeon Navi family with support for ray tracing. This will make it the first-ever gaming console to feature ray tracing support. This new technology will help the console in delivering more realistic reflective and refractive elements (like from glass and water) in games.

The AMD chipset on the PlayStation 5 will have a dedicated unit to offer 3D audio output. This is another element from Sony to deliver an immersive gaming experience. Even though headphones are recommended for the best audio experience, Cerny says 3D audio will work through TV speakers as well. And since it is native hardware support on the console, gamers will not have to spend on new hardware to enjoy the experience.

One of the biggest changes implemented by Sony is replacing traditionally used hard disk drives (HDDs) in its consoles with solid state drives (SSDs). It means the next-gen PlayStation 5 will natively come with an SSD which will result in even faster performance. Cerny did not go into specific details of the selected SSD but confirmed that there will be a significant reduction in loading times and noticeable boost in overall performance.

Another good news for PlayStation gamers is that the PlayStation 5 will offer backward compatibility with PS4 games. Cerny further revealed that they will be releasing titles for both PS4 and PS5, at least in the beginning. It means Sony will go for a gradual transition from PS4 to PS5 instead of aggressively making gamers to switch to a new console.

As far as the PlayStation 5 pricing and availability details are concerned, Cerny did not share much. The only thing he assured that the console will not be coming in 2019. This makes us believe that a 2020 release is quite possible.



PlayStation 5 official specs: 8K support, SSDs, ray tracing, 3D audio, and more
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