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Tencent replaces PUBG with a patriotic alternative in China

08 May 2019 2

Tencent mobile, the maker of highly popular PUBG game, has replaced the hugely popular battle royale shooter game in China with a Government-friendly "Elite Force for Peace" PUBG has been delisted at the same time when ‘Heping Jingying’ or Elite Force for Peace was listed for downloads.

According to China Renaissance, a local publication, PUBG had over 70 million domestic players, which as per estimates would’ve generated over USD 1.18 billion to USD 1.48 billion in revenue from in-app purchases. However, monetization for the new game has been approved by the Chinese Communist Government. The company is now migrating users over to the new game

Earlier, the Chinese government had become hostile to violent or addictive video games. The state-run newspaper People’s Daily had earlier described Tencent’s super hit game Honor of Kings as poison and constantly spreading negative energy. Along with the official agency Xinhua, People's Daily asked the developer to come up with better content and stronger anti-addiction content.

The new game Heping Jingying more patriotic, less violent than PUBG, the characters do not bleed as they do in PUBG and kids below age 16 cannot play the game. Though as far as the Chinese gamers are concerned, the new game is similar to PUBG. In fact, they find the gameplay, characters and the background very PUBG like. Though the company executives told media that "they both are very different genres'



Tencent replaces PUBG with a patriotic alternative in China
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