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Microsoft Xbox 'Scarlett' to feature 4K camera for streamers

02 October 2019 0

Microsoft's next-gen Xbox gaming console is currently known as "Scarlett" which is its internal codename. We do have some information about what to expect including some official details shared by Microsoft itself. And now, a new Gizmodo report citing an anonymous tipster talks about a possible feature that will surely be appreciated by game streamers.

The report mentions that Microsoft is expected to pack Xbox 'Scarlett' with an in-built powerful camera. This particular camera device is said to be capable of offering "4K resolution with just a two-frame latency between what is recorded and what appears on a stream". It is further claimed to be getting demonstrated with a demo similar to Snapchat as it changes depending on the in-game lighting.

This is pretty much what has been shared about the possible camera device that will come loaded with the Xbox One X successor. There are no details about what it might look like and how much of the information is actually believable but considering Microsoft is already investing heavily on its Mixer video game streaming platform, it seems like a sensible move for the company to natively offer a power camera to lure streamers.

The video game streaming industry is undoubtedly on a rise with many streamers even earn a handsome amount of money but the majority of them choose PCs for the same. This is simply because of current-gen gaming consoles being incapable of offering robust streaming features. All the available streaming features are very limited but with PCs, gamers get to offer a unique streaming experience so that they can attract new subscribers as well as ensure that existing ones spend more and more time watching them play.



Microsoft Xbox 'Scarlett' to feature 4K camera for streamers
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