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Here is everything you need to know about Nintendo Switch hardware

08 February 2017 4

We are less than a month away from the availability of Nintendo Switch, the handheld gaming console with a dock that will allow gamers to play games on their TV's bigger display. While we already know a lot of things about Switch, thanks to the aggressive promotion from Nintendo, it's time to have an in-depth look at the hardware overview of the upcoming gaming console.

Nintendo has now shared a YouTube video detailing the Switch's hardware overview to show what to expect if you are planning to buy one or are still not sure about going for the purchase. To start off, the Nintendo Switch has three major components: the gaming console, two game controllers named Joy-Con, and a dock.

These controllers are attached to the console when you want to play in the Handheld Mode. It is like playing on any other handheld gaming console and you can carry the Switch anywhere you want and start playing whenever you want. There is a 6.2-inch display which means it's not a smaller display by any means and you can also continue to play even while charging the console using a USB Type-C cable.

But when you want to play on the big screen also known as the TV Mode, you have to place the Switch gaming console inside the dock and connect it to the TV using the HDMI cable integrated with the dock. And you have the option to play the game by keeping Joy-Con attached to the console or by detaching it for a more comfortable gameplay.

The third and last type of gaming mode is named as Tabletop Mode. The Switch comes with a back stand which you can use for placing on a table or any other surface at a slightly inclined angle. This mode is helpful when you don't have a TV around but you want to have a better view of the game for yourself or your friends around you.

And as gaming is fun when played with friends, the Nintendo Switch features WiFi support for multiplayer gaming. You can connect a single unit with up to eight other Switch units nearby you. But it goes without saying that you will need a game which features multiplayer gaming mode for this to work.

Nintendo has paid a good attention to the features of each Joy-Con gaming controller to make sure that players get best possible gaming experience. Each of these comes with gyroscope and accelerometer sensors so that you can play games by using controller itself for movement purposes. They also have "HD Rumble" feature aimed at offering a better vibration feedback and sensation while playing games.

The right Joy-Con feature an infrared camera for detecting objects in front of it as well as support for NFC. On the left Joy-Con, you will find a dedicated button for capturing screenshots of your gameplay. Other than this, you will find the usual affair of ZL/ZR buttons, L/R sticks, and SL/SR buttons.

While the Nintendo Switch will become available starting March 3 for $299, you can watch the video for now:



Here is everything you need to know about Nintendo Switch hardware
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The Tabletop Mode is a very nice feature, as it allows you changing the viewing angle, which of course, helps in changing your position while playing the game. So, it always feels fresh and never boring for longer sessions too :eyerolls: :eyerolls:


The overall review of the device looks great, especially the impression is emphasized after watching the video. So, I am sure the gaming console will stand up to its reputation.


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